Yoga Set For Beginners-Fitness And Training
Yoga Set For Beginners-Fitness And Training
Yoga Set For Beginners-Fitness And Training
Yoga Set For Beginners-Fitness And Training

Yoga Set For Beginners

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If you are new to yoga and you are going to practice it at home or attend a local class for instruction, then it is a good idea to have the right props to help you be more effective and get more from your yoga sessions.

The best props to use when you are starting out are a yoga mat, a yoga strap and a yoga block. This is exactly what you get when you purchase this high quality yoga starter kit. It provides you with everything that you need to get the right start with yoga.

Here is what you get with your high quality yoga set for beginners:

Beginner Yoga Mat

  • Your yoga mat will provide you with a first class grip
  • Your yoga mat is made from PVC and is lightweight
  • The dimensions of your yoga mat are 173cm by 61cm by 4mm

Yoga Foam Block

  • Your yoga block is extremely lightweight weighing 120 grams
  • Your yoga mat will provide stability and comfort
  • It has a soft surface which is non stick
  • It provides an optimal grip
  • Your yoga block is made from sturdy foam
  • The dimensions of your yoga block are 14.5cm by 23cm by 7.7cm

Two in one Yoga Strap and Sling

  • Your yoga strap will fit any yoga mat
  • Made from reinforced and stitched 100% cotton for durability
  • Stylish and practical
  • Dimensions of your yoga strap are 180cm by 3cm by 2.5mm

You can get your high quality yoga set for beginners today for just £19.99

Don’t be ashamed about using your Yoga Set for Beginners

Some people believe that beginners only use yoga mats, yoga blocks and yoga straps. This is not true. Even if you are just starting out with yoga there is absolutely no reason for you to feel ashamed by using your yoga starter kit.

The role of the right yoga props does not mean that you will make the yoga poses a lot easier to perform or in some way “dumbs” them down. The truth is that with the right instruction and the right amount of practice you can greatly enhance your yoga sessions when you use the right props.

Use your Yoga Starter Kit to make your Yoga Practice more personal

Yoga props have been used for a very long time and these days there is a real trend towards personalising everything. So you can use your yoga set for beginners to customise your yoga practice so that you benefit from the specific structure and shape of your body.

Using your yoga starter kit will assist you in achieving the correct alignment. It is far better to use the right props than struggle to achieve the proper alignment. You will get a lot more from every yoga pose with the correct alignment.

Your Yoga Set for Beginners will assist with Breathing and Relaxation

One of the essential aspects of yoga is breathing properly. If you are struggling with a yoga pose then your breathing will take a nose dive. So use your yoga starter kit to perform the asana properly allowing you to focus on breathing properly. This will be more relaxing for you as well.

Quiet your Mind with your Yoga Starter Kit

When you use the right yoga props can assist you to make your mind quiet. Using a prop to perform a yoga pose properly and comfortably will certainly be more conducive to a quiet mind. If you start to struggle then you will likely lose your focus and your mind will start to scold you for not performing the pose properly.

You can Experiment more with your Yoga Set for Beginners

By using props like a yoga block you can actually get more from a yoga pose than you could without it. A good example of this is to place a block between your legs when performing a camel or a bridge. You can squeeze the block so that you work your adductor muscles which you couldn’t do without the yoga block.

The props provided in your yoga starter kit can provide you with great feedback that you can use in your everyday life. So get your high quality yoga set for beginners today for just £19.99

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