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Weighted fitness hula hoop-Fitness And Training
Weighted fitness hula hoop-Fitness And Training
Weighted fitness hula hoop-Fitness And Training

Weighted fitness hula hoop

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Do you know about the health benefits associated by using a weighted hula hoop in your exercise routine?

This weighted hula hoop is high quality and is very durable thanks to its plastic core and the soft EVA foam covering.

This foam covering makes the hula hoop a lot more comfortable for you to use. It also has the following benefits:

  • The foam repels moisture
  • There is resistance to bacteria
  • You can clean the hula hoop easily

The normal price for this weighted hula hoop is £23.99 but with our sale you can get it at the reduced price of £17.99 if you hurry.

Why you should use a Weighted Hula Hoop in your workout

If you want to burn the fat and strengthen your core muscles then a weighted hula hoop is right for you. Here are some of the benefits that hula hooping can bring for you:

Fat burning

You can burn as much fat using a weighted hula hoop as you can working out on a treadmill. When you use a hula hoop it is possible to burn more than 400 calories every hour. It is possible to increase this amount if you add weights and arm movements.

Weighted hula hoop exercises not only attack your stomach fat but they can also help you to tone up the muscles in your mid section. This includes your lower back muscles, your obliques, your hips and your abdominals. You will get the best results if you perform weighted hula hoop exercises for a minimum of 10 minutes every day.

Replace your Ab exercises with Hula hooping

If you are participating in crunches and other ab exercises at the moment then these can cause you pain in your lower back after a while. Using a weighted hula hoop can replace these tedious ab exercises and there is very little or no chance of back pain.

With regular hula hooping you will make your muscles stronger and more toned. It is a great workout for your entire mid section and of course you can burn off that unwanted belly fat at the same time.

Hula hooping is good for your heart

Your heart rate will rise after a 10 – 15 minute session with a weighted hula hoop. Go further and use your weighted hula hoop for around 30 minutes a day and you will help to strengthen your heart muscles.

The pumping of blood around your body becomes more efficient with strengthened heart muscles. Your heart will beat faster and this will lower your blood pressure as well. A weighted hula hoop provides a good all round heart workout.

It will strengthen your back

If you do a lot of sitting around (maybe you have a desk job for example) then you need your back muscles to be as strong as possible. With a hula hoop workout you make a number of rocking movements backward and forward and you shift your weight as you do this.

This hula hoop movement releases tension from the muscles in your lower back and helps to realign them with your spine. When this happens blood flow to your spine is improved and you will increase the flexibility of your spine.

Hula hooping has a meditating effect

When you are performing your weighted hula hoop exercises it is similar to being in a meditation session. The rhythm of the rocking makes you breathe more deeply and relaxes you. You will find that the repetitive movement is also soothing.

To become really good at your weighted hula hoop exercises you will need to concentrate a lot. This is good mind training. You will find that it is pretty easy to lose yourself in your thoughts when you are using a hula hoop.

There is a massaging benefit

Using a weighted hula hoop will massage your body. When you use your hula hoop you will increase the flow of blood to your muscles. Your muscles become stronger and your oxygen supply increases. At the end of your hula hooping session you will feel really great because you just had a massage.

Get high with your weighted hula hoop!

A lot of runners experience a “high” when they are running. You don’t need to run because you can get a high from using your weighted hula hoop. The relaxation effect produces this high which is not that easy to explain. It is great to experience it though!

Get your Weighted Hula Hoop today

Get your high quality weighted hula hoop today and start experiencing these benefits for yourself. A little practice and you will find the hula hooping easier and easier. A very relaxing workout.

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