Vinyl Kettlebells - Kettlebells - Fitness And Training
Vinyl Kettlebells - Kettlebells - Fitness And Training
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Vinyl Kettlebells

Extreme Fitness
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We can offer you the finest selection of vinyl kettlebells in a variety of weights. If you are working out from a home gym then kettle bells are that perfect accessory that will help you take your fitness to the next level. Vinyl kettlebells are large, have thick handles to help with a firm grip strength and are ergonomically designed.

Product dimensions:

12kg - H30cm, W26cm, D20cm. Handle thickness 4.5cm

10kg - H30cm, W26cm, D19cm. Handle thickness 4.5cm

8kg - H26cm, W23cm, D17cm. Handle thickness 4cm

6kg - H23cm, W21cm, D15cm. Handle thickness 3.5cm

4kg - H22cm, W18cm, D13cm. Handle thickness 3cm

2kg - H19cm, W15cm, D12cm. Handle thickness 2.5cm


The good thing about training with these weights is that anyone can do it whatever their current level of fitness. If you are already fit and want to gain an edge then kettle bell training is for you and an essential addition to any home gym. If you are new to working out or getting back on the horse then you will benefit greatly from this weight training. The main benefits of kettle bell weight training are:

You get Cardio and Strength training together

With this kind of training you will find that you can increase your heart rate just as fast as participating in rigorous jump training. Studies have proved that kettle bell training can lead to the burning of around 20 calories every sixty seconds (depending on your workout of course).

This is probably more than you would burn in an entire cardio class using aerobic equipment. So you get the benefits of cardio and the benefits of strength training all rolled into one when you use them in your workouts.

You won’t Strain your Body so much

When you embark on the right fitness training routines you will find that one exercise will easily flow into the next – similar to yoga exercises. This is a lot more natural for your body because you are making smooth transitions from one exercise to the next.

You will not be putting too much pressure on your joints when you are strength training. When you are using vinyl kettlebells there is a swinging movement employed which is very fluid. This means that you are not directly pressurising your joints.

You get great Functionality from Vinyl weight training

If you want to develop your muscular endurance and your cardio respiratory system then they are a great way to achieve both. In this training you will need coordination and good mobility as you will need to move it from one hand to the other.

This will improve your balance and motor skills more effectively than by using traditional weights. After a while all of this will become second nature to you and you will be able to perform the fitness routines without even thinking about it.

Vinyl Kettlebells can be used with most Exercises

If you participate in high intensity training or Tabata training then you can easily integrate these weights here. It is like adding a weight training element to all of your exercises. You certainly couldn’t do this with conventional weights.

A Complete body Workout

If you want a complete body workout then kettle bell training is for you. You can exercise a variety of different muscle groups using these weights. If you want to lose weight then they are ideal. It will help you to build muscle mass and burn additional calories.

Get your ergonomically designed high quality weights from us now.