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Trigger point massage roller stick-Fitness And Training

Trigger point massage roller stick

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After your workout routines it is possible that you will experience muscle soreness. Well this high quality trigger point massage roller stick is the perfect solution for you.

trigger point massage roller stick

Your trigger point massage roller stick has five massage balls which have various thickness knobby spikes. When you use your stick each of the balls performs a different task.

It is easy to target a specific muscle group to provide relief using your massage roller stick. Alternatively you can use all of the balls on your stick to focus in on certain trigger points such as deep tissues, myofascial release and sore muscles.

Using a trigger point rolling massage stick

Using your trigger point rolling massage stick you can stretch your muscles and improve your circulation. You will get a very therapeutic massage every time with this high quality stick. Use it before your workout and afterwards to speed up your recovery.

Your trigger point massage roller stick is around 21 inches or 53cm in length and has a diameter of approximately 2.36 inches or 6cm.

The massage roller stick is made from highly durable PVC and the handles have soft foam for comfort.

Order your trigger point massage roller stick now and save money in our sale. The current price is £9.99 reduced from the normal price of £14.99.

The Advantages of using a Massage Roller Stick

Everybody has been sore after a workout and want instant relief from this. If you have to walk around with muscle soreness it can really put you off going again with your next exercise session.

All kinds of exercises can create muscle soreness from running, swimming, resistance training, hiking or just exercising at home. Your high quality trigger point massage roller stick will be your friend when this happens to you.

Even if you do not feel any muscle soreness after working out it does not mean that you do not have a problem. The symptoms can emerge later on and you can prevent this by applying your massage roller stick after every exercise routine.

Your trigger point massage roller stick is really easy to use. All you need to do is apply the balls on the stick to the area of your body that you want relief for and then use pressure. Simply roll the stick across the affected area in a smooth manner to achieve the very best results.

Massage Roller Sticks are Flexible

With your trigger point rolling massage stick you can rollout and stretch ligaments, muscle fibres and tendons. After you finish your workout it is always a good idea to stretch your muscles as they will still be warm and you have a better chance of preventing tightness.

You can improve your Circulation

When you use your trigger point massage roller stick on your body with the necessary pressure there is a suction effect created in your veins. This will assist in more blood circulating that brings oxygen to your body and necessary nutrients.

Reduce Pain with your Rolling Massage Stick

It is easy for you to pinpoint sore and aching muscles or knotted areas with your rolling massage stick. Apply the stick and roll smoothly to provide the pain relief that you need. More and more people are now using a massage roller stick for pain relief because it is so effective.

Get a better night’s sleep

Most forms of massage will help you to enjoy the amount of sleep that you get and the overall quality of that sleep. You want to achieve REM sleep and your massage roller stick will help you to achieve this.

Save Energy on Warm Ups

To warm up for your workout you will probably do some stretching or perform some light exercises. When you do this you will expend an amount of energy that is better to conserve for your workout.

The answer to this is to use your trigger point massage roller stick. When you warm up your muscles with your stick you will conserve a lot of energy for your main exercise routine. This is much better than your body breaking down your muscles for additional energy during your workouts.

Repair and Growth of your Muscles

When you improve your circulation your muscles receive more nutrients. You need glycogen to repair your muscles and assist with growth. After a workout it is common for blood flow restrictions to occur so use your massage roller stick to help with the provision of glycogen for muscle growth and repair.

Prevent Injuries with your Massage Roller Stick

You can prevent injuries by using your trigger point massage roller stick before your workouts. When you do this your muscles will become warm and injuries are less likely.

Get rid of Lactic Acid

When you workout you will build up lactic acid in your system and you want to get rid of this. By rolling your massage stick over your muscles you will remove a lot of lactic acid. The excess lactic acid ends up at your liver which converts it into glucose.
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