spiky massage balls - Massage Balls - Fitness And Training
Spiky massage balls - Massage Balls - Fitness And Training
Spiky massage ball - Massage Balls - Fitness And Training
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Spiky massage balls

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How would you like to have a masseur with you wherever you go? Well you can get very close to that with our three spiky massage balls. With these you can perform self massage therapy to improve your circulation, ease knots and tight muscles, ease pain in your back or other areas of your body and stimulate muscles and targeting trigger points by applying pressure.

Each of the three are different sizes so that you can target different parts of your body and release tension. By rolling one and applying pressure over sore areas or tight muscles you can alleviate muscle knots and release tension.

These are each of the correct size for targeting trigger points on your body.

The three spikey balls have diameters of 6cm, 8cm and 10cm.


Why you should get your set of Spiky massage Balls?

No matter what kind of sport or exercise routines you participate in it is possible to suffer from muscle tension. A lot of people just put up with this and just view it as a minor irritation. The problem is that if you do not treat muscles to release tension you may develop trigger point pain which can affect your whole body. A product for self or sport massage therapy can help combat these effects.

Many people have ignored muscle tension and suffered some severe consequences. There was a case where a person who experienced tension in their upper back for several weeks then had to endure their neck freezing completely for a number of days.

They could have avoided this neck problem if they had used them to roll out and apply pressure to their knots or tight muscles and stimulate trigger points after their workouts. When you use them on your body you are stimulating the myofascia. This is the network of connective tissue that spans your entire body.

Your myofascia protects your muscles and internal organs and holds everything together. When you spend around ten minutes using them after an exercise session you can target any sore spots and provide myofascial release.

The Main Benefits of using Spiky Massage Balls on Tight Muscles

Increasing your Blood Flow

When you experience muscle tension or knotting there will be a restriction of blood flow. When you roll the ball over a tight area you increase the hydration levels in your connective tissues and muscles. Your blood flow can improve and it will help you to recover from injuries a lot quicker and also recover from workouts.

A better Range of Motion

By using spiky massage balls for therapy you will can improve your range of motion. There have been a number of studies that proved rolling muscles with them after exercising increases range of motion.

They achieve this by eliminating fascia adhesions. This helps muscles move more freely and the surrounding tissues. If you participate in strength training then they can really help. Strength training exercises often have an impairing range of motion effect on muscles and creating a need for physical therapy.

Relief from Muscle Soreness

By using them as a form of physical therapy you can relieve soreness in muscles. The massaging effect of the balls aids circulation. When you increase your circulation you will maximise the amount of nutrients that your muscles receive. This leads to optimising recovery from exercising.

No need for Physiotherapy Sessions

When you have a massage ball set it is like having a physiotherapist available to you wherever you are. You can perform a deep tissue massage laying down on a mat, sitting on your favourite chair or even laying on your bed while applying pressure to your muscles.

Relax your Muscles at a deeper level

If you participate in intense workouts or sports then you can experience pain due to inflammation. You have various trigger points throughout your body and problems can surface after workouts. They should provide you with a very deep level of relaxation.

Variety from 3 different sizes

We provide you with three different sizes for variety and different muscle groups. You can use different massaging techniques with each ball to provide a deep tissue massage. When you have a set you can target different areas of the body using each ball.

Use your Spiky Massage Balls for different Body Parts

You can keep several areas of your body healthy and free from soreness with a deep tissue massage They can be used on :

  • Quads
  • Feet
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes
  • Lower back
  • Upper back
  • Shoulders
  • Calves

You can use on other areas of your body too. Make your 3 set of spiky massage balls an essential component of your exercise kit. If you hurry you can get yours for an incredibly low price in our sale.