Rubber coated dumbbells - - Fitness And Training
Rubber coated dumbbells - - Fitness And Training
Rubber coated dumbbells - - Fitness And Training
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Rubber coated dumbbells

Fitness And Training
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You can use dumbbells for a great workout at home and if you want the highest quality rubber coated dumbbells then your search is over. Your rubber coated dumbbells have a cast iron construction which makes them extremely durable. They are coated in the finest quality rubber for an enhanced grip.

The rubber coating on your dumbbells means that they will make far less noise than metal dumbbells when they come into contact with the floor. You can use your dumbbells for strength training and toning your muscles and you can easily integrate them into most of your exercise routines.

Your rubber coated dumbbells are both comfortable and soft. The rubber surface is non-slip so you will be able to maintain your grip no matter how sweaty you get with your intense workouts. Use your dumbbells to get great results with bicep curls, triceps kickbacks, lateral raises, upright rows, bent over rows and more.

You can choose your weight pairs from 1 kg (2 x 0.5 kg) to 6 kg (2 x 3 kg). Your dumbbells are colour coded to easily identify their weight so that you can easily select the right dumbbells for the exercises that you perform.

This is why you need to get your rubber coated dumbbells today:

  • They are very convenient for working out at home
  • Dumbbells are a great addition to any workout to make the exercises more challenging
  • Your rubber coated dumbbells are constructed from highly durable cast iron
  • Your dumbbells are very comfortable and soft and non-slip so that you can maintain a firm grip
  • You can perform a range of exercises with your dumbbells that will add variety to your workouts
  • Your dumbbells are available in different weights
  • Each dumbbell is colour coded in accordance with its weight

Order your high quality rubber dumbbells today and get them at the incredibly low price of just £

The Benefits of including Dumbbells in your Workouts

The first thing to say about dumbbells is that they are a low cost addition to your workout equipment. For a small cost, dumbbells are an excellent choice for metabolic conditioning and strength training.

Dumbbells are Effective and Versatile

There are several research studies that have demonstrated the positive health benefits of including strength training in workouts. Not everyone has the budget or the space in their home to install bulky weight training equipment. So dumbbells are a very convenient way to satisfy your strength training needs.

Dumbbells are really efficient because you can easily target the muscle groups that you want to work on. You can perform core exercises as well as upper and lower body exercises with dumbbells. You can perform chest presses and squats with your dumbbells as well. Dumbbells are a very versatile option for your exercise routines.

Dumbbells are great for Resistance Training

If you want to optimise your fitness and overall health then you need to ensure that resistance training has a significant role in your workouts. Resistance training will help to improve the health of your heart tissue, improve your balance, manage your blood glucose levels and enhance your metabolic rate.

You can use your rubber coated dumbbells to improve your bone density and work your muscular system so that you can enhance your function and have a leaner muscle mass. It is easy for you to work alone with dumbbells and you will always be sure of a balanced workout because there is an equal loading on both sides of your body.

Dumbbell workouts are more Joint Friendly

Compared to loading up a barbell with weights, using dumbbells is a lot more joint friendly for you. With a bench press for example, using dumbbells instead of a barbell be more elbow and shoulder friendly due to you having a lot more natural movement as your hands are not fixed in one position.

Increases your Range of Motion

To get the best results from strength training it is important that you have the maximum range of motion. If you use a barbell then your range of motion will be limited, but with dumbbells you have virtually no limitations.

As you can see there are tremendous benefits from using dumbbells for your strength training and to intensify your exercise routines. So get your high quality rubber coated dumbbells right now while they are still available from the low price of only £4.99.