Rotating push up bars-Fitness And Training
Rotating push up bars-Fitness And Training
Rotating push up bars-Fitness And Training
Rotating push up bars-Fitness And Training
Rotating push up bars-Fitness And Training

Rotating push up bars

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By using our rotating push up bars you will be able to take your push ups to the next level and at the same time remove the pressure from your joints meaning that more push ups are possible.


Rotating push up bars

You can rotate the push up pads so that you can target different areas of your body such as your chest, your triceps and your chest. This will provide you with a more superior workout overall.

If you want more emphasis on your triceps then just place the bar close to your ribs and ensure your knuckles face towards you. For more emphasis on your shoulders place the bars wider than the width of your shoulders.

Our rotating push up bars have the following features:

  • Enhancing your standard push ups workout
  • More comfort for you
  • Wider exercise range due to rotating design
  • Comfortable grips
  • High quality smooth movement with ball bearings
  • Base is non slip
  • Can support a maximum user weight of 100Kg
  • 20cm diameter

Your high quality rotating push up bars are available now for just £14.99. Enhance your push up workouts by getting yours today.

Why you should use Push Up Bars

When you use push up bars you will make your regular push up workout more of a challenge. Push up bars are simple pieces of fitness equipment but they will make your push ups more difficult and as a result you will get more out of your workout and your core and abs training.

Using push up bars offers you a greater range of motion. Adding a greater range of motion to your push up workout will mean that the exercises you perform will help you to build your muscles faster and become stronger.

How to use your Push Up Bars

The easiest ways to use your push up bars is to place them in the same location that your hands would normally be in when you perform your standard push ups. All you then need to do is to grab hold of the handles and then start your push ups.

If performing standard push ups is difficult for you then start off by lowering your knees to the floor and then do the push ups from that starting position. You will still get the extra benefit of using your push up bars.

Take Advantage of the Increase in the Range of Motion

When you have rotating push up bars you have a number of options when it comes to making your push up workout more of a challenge. Not only can you increase the number of repetitions you perform, but you can get more sets done as well as taking shorter breaks. By increasing the range of motion you can target specific areas of your body.

There have been numerous studies proving the benefits of extended range of motion. One 2014 study revealed that an increase of range of motion applied to weight lifting helped individuals to get stronger and grow their muscles faster. Any increase in the range of motion for your push ups will have the same effect.

Protect your Joints with Push Up Bars

Push up bars are particularly good for protecting your joints – especially your wrists. When you use push up bars you do not have to bend your wrists back as far as you would with a standard push up because you do not have your hands on the floor. With push up bars your wrist joints remain in a neutral position which helps to avoid injuries.

Exercises you can do with Push Up Bars

One of the easiest things that you can do with push up bars is to widen your stance. Just make the bars wider and this will intensify the workout for your back and arms. With push up bars you can also raise your feet above your head. This will help you develop your core and chest muscles.

Another great thing you can do are the handstand push ups. This will assist in the development of your shoulder muscles. Just try these against a wall. Finally you can try tricep dips with your push up bars. Place the push up bars behind you and then raise your body using your triceps.

Reap the benefits of using your rotating push up bars today at this incredibly low price and add them to you home aerobic equipment.

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