Resistance tube set - resistance bands - Fitness And Training
Resistance tube set - resistance bands - Fitness And Training
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Resistance tube set

Fitness And Training
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We are delighted to offer you this resistance tube set with additional accessories. Made from premium quality latex these tubes will provide you with all of the advantages that resistance band training has to offer. Total combined resistance level of 68kg and ranging from light to extra heavy.

Combined resistance training

You can combine the different resistance tubes to provide different resistance levels. All of the tubes in the set have their own individual clips. This high quality resistance tube set includes bands ranging from:

  • Extra light yellow tube which has 10 pounds or 4.6kg of resistance
  • Light red tube which has 20 pounds or 9.1kg of resistance
  • Medium green tube which has 30 pounds or 13.6kg of resistance
  • Heavy blue tube which has 40 pounds or 18.1kg of resistance
  • Extra heavy black tube which has 50 pounds or 22.6kg of resistance
  • Combined resistance level of 150 pounds or 68kg
  • Two wrist/ankle straps
  • Two handles with comfort grip
  • A door anchor
  • Convenient carry case for traveling
  • Leaflet with instructions

This premium quality resistance band set is available in our sale right now, so get your set now while this low price is still available.

The Advantages of Resistance Tube Training

Your high quality resistance tubes will provide you with the same benefits as using resistance bands. They are very easy to use at home so there is no need for you to visit the gym. In fact you can take your resistance band set with you wherever you go.

Resistance tubes are very versatile and safe to use. They offer a convenient way for you to exercise anywhere and are very effective and affordable. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what your fitness level is you can benefit from exercising with this resistance tube set.

An Inexpensive way to get a great Workout

Imagine how much it would cost you to install a home gymnasium with weight lifting equipment and all the rest of it. Well there is no need for you to spend this kind of money because you can get an excellent resistance workout with this band set. We provide you with an instruction leaflet to get you started straight away.

Resistance Tubes for all Fitness Levels

This set includes five different levels of resistance with your high quality set. If you are just starting out then you can use the extra light yellow or light red tubes. If you need more resistance then you can choose from the blue medium up to the extra heavy black.

Because you have five different levels it is easy to combine them to create different levels of resistance. This is really important if you have a lot of experience with resistance training and need more than what the heavy black tube can provide.

Use your Resistance Tubes with familiar exercises

It is easy to adapt conventional and familiar strength training exercises with resistance tubes. If you are used to performing a dumbbell curl then you can replicate this by standing on one end of a tube and use the other end in your hand and curl your arm upwards.

Give your whole body a Workout

There are exercises that you can do that will target just about every muscle group that you have in your body. Use your instruction leaflet for guidance and what your set includes, also look for further resistance band exercises online.

The RSet is small and compact

If you have to travel then taking dumbbells with you is not a great option. But with your lightweight and compact set it is very easy to pack whenever you go places. It is also very easy to store away your resistance tube set when you are at home. But remember your set includes accessories to enhance you workouts.

Safe Exercising with Resistance Tubes

There is always a risk of injury when you use heavy weights for resistance training. You can accidently drop a weight on your foot or maybe even get your fingers caught between plates. You do not have to worry about these things when you exercise with resistance tubes. Exercising alone is no problem.

Use Resistance Tubes with other Equipment

If you already have dumbbells or other equipment you can easily combine them for a really great workout as your set includes various accessories. As an example you can do the bicep curl using both a resistance tube and a dumbbell for really great results.

Resistance Tubes provide an effective Workout

When you workout with a resistance set you will always exercise effectively. Although you can compare resistance tubes with weights they do in fact work differently. With weight training you have to exert the most energy at the start as you lift the weight. You need more energy at the end with resistance tube exercises.

You can experience the benefits of resistance tube training by purchasing this premium quality set. Order today so that you can lock in the lower price.