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Resistance band door anchor

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With this high quality resistance band door anchor you can transform any door frame in your home into a multi gym within just a few minutes. It is very easy to install .

To install it all you need to do is thread it through the loop and then open the door of your choice and slide it through the hinge while it is open. This can be done on the top, bottom or side of the door.

You can choose the height that you want fit and then simply pull it to your side of the open door. Finally you just need to close the it ensuring that it has latched correctly and you are ready to perform your workout.

Here is why you need to get one today:

  • It is strong,lightweight and heavy duty with a weight of less than 18 grams
  • It is easy for you to install on any of your doors
  • It is made from durable webbing and measures 17 cm in length
  • When you use it on a strong door frame it will support as much as 200 pounds of weight
  • You can use as a training tool it no matter where you are
  • Have more exercise options without the need for a home gym
  • Inexpensive addition to your workout equipment


Why do you need a Door Anchor?

Resistance training has a number of benefits. They can provide you with a lot of the benefits of weight training without the heavy and expensive equipment. It is very easy to train at home with resistance bands and with an anchor you can introduce even more variety into your workouts.

It is lightweight, portable and easily installed. Once your new anchor point is in place you can easily attach your bands to it for a great workout and more exercise options.

It is always a good idea to vary your exercise workouts as you want to exercise all of your different muscle groups. By using it in your routines you can specifically target your shoulders, back and chest in a way that you cannot do without it.

The Benefits of using an anchor point

With this you can perform a more targeted and improved workout. Exercise bands are very convenient training tool and if you want to workout at home, then they are a lot more convenient than dumbbells, weights and other workout equipment.

Attach to any Strong Door Frame

We always recommend that you use a strong and solid door frame and close it when you are using your it. Most frames are suitable in your home and wherever else you happen to be. Your anchor will not damage the frame and is heavy duty.

More Variety of Exercises

You can use it at different heights so that you can perform a variety of different exercises and target all of the different muscle groups that you want to. We would always recommend that you vary your exercises each time and this makes it really easy for you to do this without a home gym.

You can perform Full Body Workouts

With most exercise training it is not usually possible to perform a full body workout. The use of an anchor point changes all of that. By attaching your bands overhead you can really go for that full body workout.

You can do more alone

To get the most from your exercise routines you will usually require a partner to assist you with some of the exercises. When you use your anchor you will reduce the need to have anyone else assist with your workouts so you can do more on your own without the need for a home gym.