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We are delighted to offer you the high quality Urban Fitness press up bars that will help you to take the strain off of your wrists when you are performing press ups. When you use your push up bars you will keep your wrist joints in a neutral position.


Without the strain on your wrists that you get with normal push ups you can do more reps and sets. All because this equipment prevents your wrist joints becoming painful during the performance of standard push ups. They also increase your grip with padded hand grips and help support your weight.

Using your high quality PP plastic pair of push up bars will also provide you with a greater range of motion during core and abs training. It will be easy for you to adjust the position of your bars so that you can focus on the development of your shoulders, chest and triceps in a number of different ways.

The lightweight PP bars are strong and are 21cm in length, 12.5cm in height and 14cm wide and feature padded hand grips and non slip base.

Some great exercises you can perform with your high quality pair of push up bars

Here are three great exercises that you can easily perform with your bars that will help you develop upper body:

Exercises for your Arms

One of the best ways that you can focus on your arm muscles rather than your chest and shoulders is to perform seated dips using the Urban Fitness push up bars. When you perform this exercise correctly you will really work your triceps (the muscles at the back of your arms). Developing your triceps will increase the size of your upper arms.

Your starting position with these press ups is to have your legs extended in front of you. Place your bars behind your butt on the floor. Place your hands on the bars located behind you and keep your elbows bent. Push up and keep your arms straight lifting your body off of the floor and use your feet and hands to support your body weight.

Exercises for your upper body

If you really want to focus on your upper body then use them to perform handstand push ups. This is a really intense exercise which is very effective and will really help you to reap the benefits.

The starting position for your handstand press ups is to grip with your hands and then use a wall to rest your feet against. This will enable you to be pretty close to becoming upside down.

You then need to perform your handstand press ups from this position. You will find this a pretty severe exercise as you are pressing up all the weight of your body through your shoulders and arms. When you get really good at the handstand press ups and a wall you can try to do them without using a wall.

Exercises for your Chest

When you perform the standard press up you will work many areas of your body including your arms, chest and shoulders as well as your abdomen and your core muscles. By using these you can increase the effectiveness of the standard press ups.

This is best achieved by performing elevated push ups by placing your feet on a rest so that your feet are at a higher level than your head. You can use a chair to elevate your feet or you can even elevate your feet using a wall. Place your hands on them and perform the exercise.

With an elevated press up you will increase the amount of work that the muscles that your arms, shoulders and chest have to do. You will not be able to perform too many reps of this elevated push up exercise but it does provide more resistance which will test your upper body and increase your overall strength while supporting your weight.

There are other great exercises that you can perform along with your favourite aerobic equipment. With the increased range of motion you can really focus on specific muscle groups.