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8kg medicine ball - Fitness And Training
medicine ball - Fitness And Training
8kg medicine ball with handles - Fitness And Training
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8kg medicine ball

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If you want to be in total control of your medicine ball exercise session then this ergonomically designed 8Kg medicine ball with double handle is a great choice for you. The double handle provides the additional control and allows you to handle heavier weight and you will also be able to increase your range of exercises.

With this 8Kg medicine ball you can grab one of the handles and use it like a kettlebell. There are many benefits to participating in medicine ball exercises such as tightening and strengthening your core muscles, buttocks, legs, hips, arms and shoulders. It is an all round piece of strength and aerobic equipment.

Here are the main features of your 8Kg Medicine Ball:

  • Your 8Kg medicine ball is very durable due to the compound material used
  • The bounce element is reduced with your 8Kg medicine ball
  • The dual handle provides a great ergonomic grip
  • Your 8Kg medicine ball has an anti slip grip thanks to its specially textured surface
  • Your 8Kg medicine ball measures 235mm by 240mm by 215mm

This high quality 8Kg medicine ball is available for just £49.99.

Here are the benefits of exercising with your 8Kg Medicine Ball

Add variety to your workouts by including a medicine ball. It is one of the simplest ways to tone up your core muscles which leads to improved balance, strength, endurance and coordination. After a while of exercising with your 8Kg medicine ball you will develop explosive power in your body.

A medicine ball is a weighted ball which can weigh between one and twelve kilograms (you may be able to find lighter balls or even heavier balls). The 8Kg medicine ball is an ideal weight. Medicine balls are different to other fitness balls. They are not large balls that you can sit on. They are smaller and you can hold them in your hands.

The weight of your medicine ball will challenge your muscles like dumbbells and weights will. Also a medicine ball will provide you with a great deal of versatility and good range of motion. It is fine for you to throw your medicine ball into the air. You wouldn’t want to do that with kettlebells or dumbbells would you?

Develop Explosive Strength with your Medicine Ball

If you play sports then you will know how important explosive strength is. When you train regularly with a medicine ball you can develop more explosive strength. You can throw your medicine ball and do other things such as leaping from the ground, kicking, jumping and sprinting.

A great way to build explosive strength is to add your medicine ball to your squat jumps. Just hold your medicine ball in both hands and see how much more challenging the squats become! You can also hold your 8Kg medicine ball when you are performing dynamic scissor lunges to improve your explosive strength.

Develop your Core with your Medicine Ball

If you want to strengthen your core then your 8Kg medicine ball is a great way to do it. For example you can hold your medicine ball when you perform crunches. Add more resistance to your oblique exercises such as Russian twists.

Another way to strengthen your core and your legs is to hold your medicine ball when performing lunges and squats. When you are coming up from a lunge or a squat you can lift the medicine ball over your head.

When you use fitness machines or dumbbells for dynamic movement you will not have the same range of motion that you will get using a medicine ball. It will be easy for you to substitute a medicine ball for kettlebells or dumbbells in a lot of different exercises.

Improve your Balance with your Medicine Ball

You can improve your balance by using your medicine ball. A good example is to use your medicine ball with your push up workout. As you lower your body to the floor you can place your hand on your medicine ball. You can also roll your medicine ball from side to side as you alternate push ups.

Use your Medicine Ball to Improve Coordination

Simply throwing your medicine ball up in the air and catching it will assist with the improvement of your hand to eye coordination. You can throw the ball back and forth to a partner as well.

There are a lot of advantages to training with a medicine ball. Get your dual handle 8Kg medicine ball today and take your workouts to the next level and have a lot of fun while you are doing this.