Latex resistance bands - resistance bands - Fitness And Training
Latex resistance bands - resistance bands - Fitness And Training
Latex resistance bands - resistance bands - Fitness And Training
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Latex resistance bands

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We are able to offer you three different sizes of latex resistance bands manufactured by Rolyan. They have been manufacturing exercising bands for over forty years and physiotherapists and other medical professionals trust them. The bands are of the highest quality and are available in 3 different lengths.

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Get 10% off latex resistance bands when you purchase more than 1. Simply add at least 2 to your order and a 10% discount will be applied at the checkout on all Latex resistance bands.

Latex resistance bands by Rolyan are similar to Theraband and are available to you in 1 metre, 1.5 metre and 2 metre lengths. All three bands have a width of approximately 13 centimetres. There are also 5 levels of resistance available and these are colour coded as follows:

  • Yellow Exercise Band - provides extra light resistance
  • Red Exercise Band - provides light resistance
  • Green Exercise Band - provides medium resistance
  • Blue Exercise Band – provides heavy resistance
  • Black Exercise Band – provides extra heavy resistance

The 1 metre long latex resistance band is £3.49

The 1.5 metre long latex resistance band is £4.99

The 2 metre long latex resistance band is £6.49

These bands are manufactured using natural latex. They may contain some naturally occurring dust which can be simply wiped clean.

Choosing the Best Resistance Bands for you

With the choice of 5 different levels of resistance bands available you may not be certain which ones to choose. You can use these resistance bands to exercise different muscle groups in your body. We recommend that you go for at least 3 different types. It is best to have a light band, a medium band and a heavy band for the most effective workouts.

Why Exercise Bands are a good option

There are several reasons why you should use resistance bands. They provide a very good cheaper alternative to training with weights. You can even use them to supplement your existing weight training workouts.

As good as weights

A number of studies have shown that our muscles will respond just as well to workouts for strength training using resistance training bands as they do with weights or dumbbells. So now that you know this you can benefit in other ways as well.

Carry with you wherever you go

These bands are small, light and they will easily pack down small so that you can fit them in your travel bag or suitcase. Wherever you travel to, you can have them to hand so that you can continue your workouts away from home.

You are not going to find a gym everywhere that you travel and taking weights or dumbbells with you is very inconvenient due to the weight. Travelling by air with weights will probably mean you will have to pay additional weight charges. Why do this when you can pack your lightweight latex resistance bands with you?

Great for exercising at home

If you do a lot of exercising at home then resistance bands are ideal. They are inexpensive too and a fraction of the cost of weights and dumbbells as as useful for core and abs training. It is really easy to use resistance bands in a limited space and they do not have a “thump” factor that weights landing on the floor do.

Strengthen and Tone your body

When you use latex resistance bands they increase the tension in the muscles you are exercising and make them contract. The more that you are able to stretch your resistance bands the greater the intensity becomes.

To really add to your strengthening and toning workout you can create even more resistance by holding the bands in a specific way. An example of this is during a workout for your arms you can move your hands closer together to increase the tension.

Enhance stretching routines

Latex resistance bands are great for stretching routines. It is very important to stretch before any strenuous exercise and when you use resistance bands you will deepen your stretches and increase your range of motion as well. This can also be beneficial whilst using yoga equipment.  

Good alternative to weights

Although resistance bands provide a similar workout for your muscles as weights they do need gravity to achieve this. You can really expand the range of motion in your exercises by using resistance bands that you cannot do with weights.

There is no pressure applied with resistance bands as there is when you use weights. If you are recovering from an injury that has affected a muscle then resistance bands are ideal for physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Whatever your fitness level or your age you can benefit from using these latex resistance bands. There are many exercises you can perform from a seated position for example. 

The right choice of resistance bands

With these latex resistance bands you can exercise your entire body. It is also a lot safer to use resistance bands especially when you are working out alone. There are a lot of different exercise bands available and we recommend that you always go for quality. You will never go wrong with these latex resistance bands.