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Hand grip exercisers-Hand Exercisers
Hand grip exercisers-Hand Exercisers
Hand grip exercisers-Hand Exercisers
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Hand grip exercisers

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These high quality hand grip exercisers from Pheonix Fitness with foam handles are great for you to develop the strength in your hands, wrists and forearms with resistance training. They are very comfortable to use and they are also compact so that you can take them everywhere you go. You can use your grip exerciser at home, in the office or whenever you are travelling.

Here are the features of your hand grippers with foam handles:

  • Your hand strengtheners are very durable made from Chrome alloy steel
  • You will find them very comfortable to use due to the foam handles
  • They are lightweight at only 137 grams each
  • The diameter of the handles is 2cm
  • They are 12cm in height
  • They are red and orange or pink in colour
  • Help develop finger strength

These hand grips with foam handles are a great way for you to improve your grip strength wherever you are.

The best reasons to Perform Hand Grip Exercises

People will spend a lot of time and energy working those muscles that will enhance their appearance greatly. These include abdominal, biceps, quads, triceps and your chest. But there are other muscles that need exercising too and this certainly includes your forearms.

Your forearm muscles are very important. They provide you with the grip that you need to perform those weight training exercises that will develop those muscles that you want to show off.

The muscles in your forearms can help you with other exercises such as rock climbing and pull ups. Even everyday tasks such as shovelling snow will be easier with a stronger grip. If you need to carry heavy shopping or even your children then a stronger grip will help you to do this more effectively.

The Strength of your Hand Grip is essential

You can improve your hand grip strength by using a hand strengthener on a consistent basis. There is a belief that the power of your hand grip can actually predict your life expectancy. A study in 2007 showed that males that had poor hand grip strength were more at risk from cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.

The study went on to show that if a person has a weak hand grip that this was a sign of losing muscle mass and increasing the amount of fat mass. The body composition of people with a weak grip was usually poor.

Strengthening your hand grip and finger strength will help you in a number of ways:

  • It will make daily tasks a lot easier such as carrying heavy items, using a shovel or a rake, lifting heavy objects, using a mop and so on
  • You will be better at a lot of sports such as tennis, lacrosse, badminton, hockey etc
  • You can be better at other activities such as rock climbing and others where you need a good grip
  • It will help you with all forms of resistance training as you need to hold on to resistance bands or weights

When you use a hand grip exerciser as part of your regular exercise routine you will strengthen the muscles in your forearms. Stronger forearm muscles will help to protect the bones in your forearms.

You can also strengthen your wrists with regular use of a grip trainer. It is really easy to find the time to perform those essential hand grip exercises and can easily be used at home or at your office while you are working. If you are relaxing at home then why not perform some exercises while you are chilling in front of the TV?

Don’t ignore your Hands

Most people perform workouts that do not include exercises for their hands, wrists and forearms. When used you will subject your hands to a lot of tension which will improve all of the supporting muscles. It will also increase the density of your bones.