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Gym Gloves - Gym Gloves - Fitness And Training
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Gym Gloves

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If you like to participate in weight training then you really need these high quality fitness training gloves for exercise and weights. It is really important that you protect your hands while you are training and these are the perfect solution.

Your fitness training gloves for exercise and weights have a non slip texture and padding and the palm is reinforced to provide you with a really protected grip. Both men and women can use these to prevent calluses, rough skin and abrasions when they are training.

There are wrist straps that you can adjust for the perfect fit. Once you have done this they should always stay in place no matter how intense your workout is.

It is important that your hands can breathe properly when you are training as weights contain pores for breathing on the back which enable moisture and heat to escape. This will result in your hands being comfortable no matter how heavy duty your workouts are.

For your safety it is essential that you have a firm grip on all of the weights that you use during your workouts. Thee have a great design which means that you will always have a firm grip on any weights that you use in your training sessions.

These fitness training gloves are neutral in colour which means that they are great for men, women and children. You will receive a convenient carrying bag for your protective gloves as well.

Why you need to get these training gloves now:

  • It is essential that you protect your hands when weight training and these will do that for you
  • They are non slip and have reinforced palms that will really tighten your grip
  • The adjustable wrist strap ensures that they will stay firmly on your hands at all times
  • They contain special breathing pores to dispel moisture and heat easily
  • The design guarantees a firm grip in every situation
  • They are ideal for men, women and children as they have a neutral colour
  • Made from lightweight material, they weigh just 0.06 kg and the dimensions are 220 mm by 110 mm by 20 mm

The Benefits of wearing workout gloves

Protecting your hands from calluses and abrasions is not the only benefit of wearing gloves when you are weight training:

They will Strengthen your Grip

They can strengthen your grip when used for weight training or other fitness applications. Without them your hands can become really sweaty and keeping a firm grip on barbells and dumbbells can be a real challenge.

They should keep your hands dry due to the special breathing pores in the design. You will be a lot more confident in your weight training sessions because you won’t be concerned about the weights slipping when you are using them.

They provide additional Comfort

When you lift weights without gloves it can be really uncomfortable. In winter time the bars on the weights can be pretty cold and without them this is not a great feeling. Weight training gloves just make the whole process of lifting weights more comfortable.

They support your Wrists

When you use your high quality weight lifting gloves you will provide additional support to your wrists. This can be very important especially when you are trying to lift really heavy weights.

Reduce the Pressure and Increase the Lift

With them you will be able to relieve some of the pressure on your hands while participating in heavy lifts. You also have the wrist straps on your weight lifting gloves which help to distribute the weight more equally across your forearms. Both of these things will help you to increase your lifts a lot more easily.