Fruit infuser fitness drinks bottle-Fitness And Training
Fruit infuser fitness drinks bottle-Fitness And Training
Fruit infuser fitness drinks bottle-Fitness And Training
Fruit infuser fitness drinks bottle-Fitness And Training

Fruit infuser fitness drinks bottle

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It is very important for you to stay hydrated when you are participating in your workouts and using aerobic equipment. To help you to do this we bring you this high quality fruit infuser bottle. It has an internal straw and a fruit basket holder and you can make your own fruit infused water combinations that will encourage you to drink more.

You need to avoid drinks that are full of sugar. With fruit infused water you will not only stay hydrated but it will improve your overall health. During and after your exercise sessions you will find that fruit infused water refreshes you.

The fruit basket holder is removable with your fruit infuser bottle which means that you don’t have to use just fruit but you can use green tea bags and fruit flavoured teas. You can literally add anything healthy to make your water taste great.

There is a screw top with your fruit infuser bottle and a convenient carrying handle. The basket sits well inside the bottle and the lid. You can take out the fruit basket holder if you want and end up with a normal water bottle.

Here are the main features of your high quality fruit infuser bottle:

  • Your fruit infuser bottle has a capacity of 650ml.
  • There is a citrus fruit squeezer built in
  • Your fruit infuser bottle is BPA free
  • Your fruit infuser bottle has an internal straw which folds
  • Your fruit infuser bottle is lightweight at just 0.27Kg
  • The dimensions of your fruit infuser bottle are 225mm by 80mm by 80mm

Get your high quality fruit infuser bottle today at the incredibly low price of just £8.99

Why you need to Drink Fruit Infused Water

Your body needs water as a source of life. It is essential that you stay hydrated because this not only improves your overall health but will flush toxins from your body completely naturally. When you are hydrated your skin stays elastic and plump.

A lot of people suffer from dehydration because they do not like the taste of ordinary water. When you exercise you will dehydrate faster than normal so it is essential that you drink enough water to stay hydrated.

When you create fruit infused water it is more appealing to your taste buds as well as visually. This means that you are more likely to drink the water often. You can add sweet tasting fruits to your infused water combination and there is no need to worry about sugar or extra calories.

Science has proved that you will drink more water when you infuse it with your favourite fruits. Studies have shown that around 95% of men and 83% of women do not drink enough water each day because they are not happy with the bland taste. Fruit infused water drastically changes these numbers.

You will Hydrate faster with Fruit Infused water

Just drinking ordinary water does not mean that you will hydrate your body. Your body has to absorb the water and to do this it needs electrolytes. Most fruits contain these electrolytes and citrus fruits contain a high concentration of them. There are also a lot of electrolytes in cucumber.

Improve your Metabolism with Fruit Infused water

Scientific studies show that drinking fruit infused water speeds your metabolism and can help you to lose weight. You need to remain hydrated if you want to lose those unwanted pounds. When you drink water you will promote thermo genesis which is the production of body heat. This in turn helps to boost your metabolism.

Get more Nutrients with Fruit Infused water

When you soak your favourite fruits in your fruit infuser bottle there will be certain minerals and vitamins leached into the water. These include electrolytes, vitamins B6, B12 and C, Niacin, Thiamine, Riboflavin, folic acid and others. You won’t get all of your daily nutrients from your fruit infused water bottle but every little helps.

Fruit Infused water makes you feel full

A number of scientific studies have shown that if you drink water before a meal you will reduce your calorie consumption by around 13%. Ordinary water will give you the same result as fruit infused water but you are more likely to drink the delicious fruit infused water aren’t you?

There are so many benefits to drinking fruit infused water and your high quality fruit infuser bottle provides you with a great way to drink it for only £8.99

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