Core Sliders - - Fitness And Training
Core Sliders - - Fitness And Training
Core Sliders - - Fitness And Training
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Core Sliders

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If you want to tone your body and target ab muscles then our core sliders with dual sides are perfect for you. You can take them with you anywhere that you go because they are compact and lightweight.

Our fitness sliders are duel sided with a smooth plastic side and foam side on the other. If you are working out on a carpet then you can use the smooth plastic side. The foam one is best used on a hard floor.

There are many core exercises you can perform with double sided gliding discs. You can perform a workout for your entire body to strengthen and promote core engagement.

With the dual sides you can use them on a variety of surfaces at both home and gym.

They will easily fit in your hands as they are only 7 inches in diameter.


Benefit from doing Core Sliders exercises

If you are looking for a small and effective piece of equipment that will help you to perform a great workout at a small price then they are a very good choice of aerobic equipment. As they are double sided you will be able to widen the range of core exercises you perform and they will help you to avoid injuries too while increase core strength.

How to perform efficient exercises

To get the best from your double sided discs you need to perform the core exercises properly. The first thing is that you need to perform your workout on a smooth surface like a tile or wood floor. A carpeted floor is OK as well and you can even exercise on an area rug if you want.

To use them you need to place a foot on one of the fitness sliders and then perform a lunge by sliding your leg back. You should feel the muscles in your leg working. The main aim of using gliding discs is that you do not need to pick up your feet.

Now you want to adopt a pushup stance and place your toes on the other slider. Slide out your leg to the side and rear so that you can engage in a core workout. When you do these you can perform exercise movements that would be difficult or even impossible without them and really work your core muscles.

You can improve your Stability

After just a few weeks of use you should see an improvement in your stability which will help with interval training. If you have never used these before it is similar to walking on ice. So you will need to work on your balance to stay upright. OK they are not as slippery as ice but they are still challenging to your balance.

In order to stay upright you need to ensure that your leg muscles are in sync with your core engagement. Exercises are more challenging than conventional exercises because you are a lot less stable and you have to improve your stability to workout with them.

You have more Exercise Options

Any exercises that challenge your muscles are good. With double sided sliders you will have a lot of different options. You can adopt the pushup position and perform a lot more different core exercises. You can move your legs from one side to the other, cross your alternating legs, get on your back and do hamstring curls and a lot more.

Non impact exercises

Any type of sport or exercise routine can leave you sore or even cause injuries. When you use them for interval training it can help you a lot of you have an injury or sore muscles. This is because you won’t be slamming your feet on the floor as you do with some conventional exercises.

In fact most of the exercises you perform with them are low impact which is what you need especially if you have an injury. If you perform lunges then you will slide rather than step. At no time do your feet lift from the floor. Exercises for your core are low impact as well.

So there you have it. These are the major benefits from adding core sliders with dual sides to your exercise routine. You have nothing to lose by purchasing some today. They are inexpensive and will provide you with a great deal of exercise options.