10m Battle Rope - Battle Ropes - Fitness And Training
10m Battle Rope - Battle Ropes - Fitness And Training
10m Battle Rope - Battle Ropes - Fitness And Training
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10m Battle Rope

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Many people are unaware of the many advantages offered by using a battle rope in your exercise routines. They are a good way to break up the monotony of other cardio routines, add some resistance training and can provide you with some amazing health benefits too.

This high quality battle rope is 10 metres in length and has two end caps which are 38 milimetres in diameter. The purpose of the end caps is to provide you with a grip that is a lot more comfortable.

Your battle rope is very durable and made from the highest quality poly twine.

The price of this battle rope has been reduced from £79.99 to £59.99 in our sale so hurry before the price goes back up again.

Why you should Invest in a high quality Battle Rope

The popularity of battle ropes in exercise routines has risen significantly over the last few years. If you are unsure what a battle rope is then they are a thick rope that you can easily anchor with the use of a strap or loop them around a solid object.

Battle ropes can be used for individual exercise routines. You can also use a battle rope to finish your workout. Here are the major advantages of incorporating a battle rope into your workouts:

Battle ropes are great fun

It is always a good idea to add variety to your workouts. If you don’t do this then it can be tempting to miss sessions because you are bored with doing the same exercises all of the time. Adding a battle rope to your workout will certainly spice things up for you.

Using a battle rope is a lot of fun. You will feel like a kid once again as you start to swing your battle rope around. Using the rope will certainly put a smile on your face. As well as being fun to use, battle ropes will help you to perform an intense workout. People of any age or fitness level can use a battle rope.

Exercise your whole body with a Battle Rope

There are not many pieces of equipment that will help you to target every one of your major muscle groups. A battle rope is one such piece of equipment and when you use it properly your whole body will receive a workout as well as core and abs training.

One of the most popular and basic battle rope exercises is the “wave”. This is easily performed by holding both ends of the battle rope and then waving the ends up and down while you maintain a solid stance.

When you are swinging a battle rope your upper body will benefit the most. But also you will work your hips and legs as you have to maintain your balance when performing battle rope exercises. It is also possible to perform lunges and jumps to target other areas of your body.

Improve your Coordination and Balance

A lot of people have coordination imbalances and will favour one side of their body or one arm over another when performing a workout. Using a battle rope should improve your coordination and straighten out any imbalances.

Another way to improve your coordination and balance with your battle rope is to perform a range of different exercises. Try alternating your grip on the battle rope and move it in other directions. Don’t just stick with an up and down movement of the rope. Try creating circles so that you exercise different muscles for example.

Improve your cardiovascular health

Battle ropes can help you to develop your muscle mass but they are also great for your cardiovascular health as well. When battle ropes were first used the main aim was to improve cardiovascular health.

When you add the rope to your exercises it will elevate your heart rate which means that your resistance training has cardiovascular benefits too. Exercises with battle ropes are low impact compared with running for example. There is a lot less impact on your joints and you have full range of motion.

If you want to burn fat use a Battle Rope

Using a battle rope will help you to burn more calories. This is because battle rope exercises require continuous movement. You can get amazing fat burning results with just a 10 minute daily battle rope session, which makes it an ideal piece of aerobic equipment for the gym or at home.

Don’t buy an inferior Battle Rope

To get the best from a battle rope it needs to be very durable and high quality. This battle rope is just what you need to perform all of your exercises consistently over a long period of time. Don’t be tempted by cheaper battle ropes that are inferior in quality.