Ankle or wrist weights-Fitness And Training
Ankle or wrist weights-Fitness And Training
Ankle or wrist weights-Fitness And Training

Ankle or wrist weights

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This elegant and high quality set of ankle or wrist weights will add a new dimension to your exercise routines. One of the major benefits of using these ankle and wrist weights is that you will improve your endurance.

If you are wearing additional weights on your ankles or wrists then you will require additional force to be applied from your body when exercising. This will increase your endurance over time and will also help with your pulmonary and cardiovascular health.

These weights are great for toning your legs. They are the perfect accompaniment to any leg exercise as the additional resistance will make your leg muscles grow stronger which the standard exercises will only achieve to a certain degree.

Burn more calories using ankle weights

Do you want to burn more calories? Well just strap on the ankle and wrist weights from Fitness and Training and you will do just that. When you have the weights applied there will be more effort required to complete your exercises. This means that you will expend more calories and lose weight as a result.

It is always good to change up your exercise routine and add variety to it with different aerobic equipment. When you put on your Fitness and Training ankle and wrist weights you add instant variety to your routines. There are few exercises where you will not benefit from using additional weights.

Ankle weight exercises

What about those leg lifts or raises? There are plenty of exercises where the addition of ankle and wrist weights will take them to the next level. If you do a lot of walking then you can add the weights so that you need to push harder. If you do a lot of jump training then the additional weights can actually assist you to achieve higher jumps.

It is very easy to wear the Fitness and Training ankle and wrist weights. There is a Velcro fastening that is simple to use and it is strong enough to endure the motion created when you exercise. They will not fall off during your workout as they are of the highest quality.

Quality ankle weights

The ankle and wrist weights are very durable due to the material used in their construction. They are made from a very heavy duty nylon and will last you for a very long time. You will be hard pressed to find ankle and wrist weights of superior quality for the price.

It is important that you order the right weights for your use. You have the choice of 6 weight options.

  • We sell the ankle and wrist weights in pairs
  • Each of the ankle or wrist weights is filled with sand for you

·  You can use the weights on either your ankles or your wrists

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