Aerobics Step - Balance Trainers - Fitness And Training
Aerobics Step - Balance Trainers - Fitness And Training
Aerobics Step - Balance Trainers - Fitness And Training
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Aerobics Step

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This high quality aerobics step can help provide many benefits to you as part of your workout routines.

It is a lightweight step and very compact. There are two height levels of 10 centimetres and 15 centimetres so that you can adjust the intensity of your workout.

The platform is reinforced, non slip and a versatile piece of aerobic equipment.

It is a very durable thanks to its rugged construction. The strong plastic construction means that it has great durability but is still lightweight enough to take with you wherever you go.

Most people can use one whether they are just starting out or advanced in their training.

Step Aerobics and the Benefits to your Health

You have probably heard of step aerobics before. It has been around for a while and can help with a whole host of health benefits. You may think that just stepping up and down is not that beneficial but you would be wrong. Here are some of the major benefits:

Improve your cardiovascular health

Did you know that participating in 60 minutes worth of step aerobics is the equivalent of running 7 miles? Studies have proved that this is the case. And when we say running we mean running at pace and not just jogging along. 

Increased intensity cardiovascular exercise will make your system stronger. When you use your aerobic step you will work your heart muscle more.

With regular use your stamina levels can increase and your recovery can be quicker too. Your lungs work more and they are able to process oxygen in a better way.

Step aerobics can improve musculoskeletal health

Your musculoskeletal health is all to do with the strength and density of your bones. This is a great way to improve this. If you take care of your bone health when you are younger then you can prevent problems from occurring as you get older.

Through the pressure of weight bearing exercise you will stimulate the creation of additional bone cells. This increases the size, density and strength of your bones.

Good bone health is essential for balance and mobility. It can help to prevent the onset of degenerative bone problems such as osteoporosis. Several studies have proved this to be the case.

It’s low impact exercising

Running is a high impact exercise that can damage your joints over time. Step aerobics is a low impact exercise. If your joints are already in good health then high impact exercises may not have a negative effect. But if there are any weaknesses in your joints then a low impact exercise is a much better choice.

Try help lose weight with step aerobics

Change your diet so that you do not consume as many calories and the fat burning process will kick in too.

There have been a few studies that show you can burn as much as 450 calories with 45 minutes of step aerobics. Of course you need to bear in mind that the intensity of your workout will determine the calories that you burn. Even a low intensity workout can burn a lot of calories though.

Your legs can become stronger

With steps and balance trainers you will use your legs a lot and this can make them stronger as time goes on. When performing these exercises you use a unilateral movement routine which is great for your leg muscles. You have a number of muscles in your legs and all of them get a great workout.

If you are into cycling or running you need strong legs. Participating in regular  aerobics sessions is probably the fastest way to achieve the leg strength that you need. Your leg muscles will be more toned as well which will look great.

Help give your metabolism a boost

With regular step aerobics you can increase your metabolism significantly. You can also increase the amount of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that your body produces.