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Adjustable hand grip exerciser

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If you want to increase the strength of your hands then this high quality adjustable hand grip exerciser by urban fitness is the perfect solution for you. You can use it at home or just about anywhere to give your hands a great workout.

With this you can change the resistance from 10Kg up to 40Kg. This is a very durable product that is very lightweight. It is an ideal piece of exercise equipment to use at home or if you are on the go. You can even use it while you are sitting on the sofa watching TV.

Here are the features of this exerciser:

  • You can alter the resistance of your hand exerciser from 10Kg to 40Kg
  • The handle is non slip and comfortable
  • It is both durable and lightweight
  • Using it regularly will increase the strength of your grip
  • adjustable tension strength

Why you need to perform Hand Grip Exercises to increase your Grip Strength

Increasing your grip strength can help you with so many everyday tasks. There are a number of types of grip strength that you need to be aware of. It is important that you have good crushing strength. This is the grip that you would use to squeeze a lemon for its juice. Then there is your pinching strength which helps you to carry objects.

It is also important that you improve your support gripping strength. This is useful for tasks that require endurance such as carrying heavy bags over a distance. You will definitely improve your grip strength by using one.

The Benefits of using your Adjustable Hand Gripper Exerciser

There are a number of benefits in store for you when you use your adjustable hand and finger exerciser regularly:

Increase the Muscularity of your Forearms

Muscles in your forearms provide the control in your fingers. When you close your hand you use the flexors in your forearms. To open them you use the extensors in your forearms. You can use it regularly  to improve the strength in your hands and will also help to thicken your forearm muscles.

Improve your Hand Strength

When you use this you can strengthen your forearms, fingers and wrists. This will help you to be more effective with other exercises such as weight training because you will be able to hold heavier weights. Having a stronger grip will also help you with sports like tennis or anything that requires the use of a bat or racquet.

You can improve your performance in other sports such as gymnastics and climbing when you increase your grip strength. When you have a stronger grip it will assist you in supporting your own body weight when performing these exercises.

Improve the Endurance of your Hands

By using your adjustable hand gripper exerciser on a regular basis it will help you to improve the amount of force that you can apply. In turn this will help to increase your hand endurance. There are a number of times where this will help you with carrying things for a long period of time such as heavy suitcases or bags. Your muscles will not become tired so quickly with increased endurance.

You can Improve your Dexterity

You can use your adjustable hand grip exerciser to develop the strength of your fingers independently. This is particularly important if you are a musician or do something that requires you to use the strength of individual fingers. Another example would be if you want to improve your typing skills.