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Ab roller-Fitness And Training
Ab roller-Fitness And Training
Ab roller-Fitness And Training
Ab roller-Fitness And Training
Ab roller-Fitness And Training
Ab roller-Fitness And Training
Ab roller-Fitness And Training

Ab roller

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You will get a great upper body workout when you use your fitness and training ab roller. Not only will you be able to develop your abdominal muscles but using your ab roller is good for your chest, back and arm muscles.


This ab roller has a great two wheel design providing more control so you never have to worry about losing your balance.


When you use your ab roller you will be able to build the stability of your core and it will definitely improve your upper body and the definition of your abs. You can use your ab roller to perform a variety of different exercises for core and abs training.


The width of the handle on your ab roller is 25mm and the diameter of the wheel is 18.5mm.


At the moment your ab roller and knee pad is available for just £8.99 as part of our sale. The usual price is £12.99.



This is why you need your Ab Wheel


Some people believe that the ab wheel is a fairly recent invention but in fact it’s been around for many years going back to the 1970’s. It is a simple piece of equipment but very effective if you use it properly.


Improve the stability of your Core


Yes it is an ab wheel and it is good for your abs but there are other muscle groups that it will and the most important of these are your midsection core muscles. When you have strong core muscles you will be able to stabilise your spine and keep extraneous movements down to a minimum.


This is very important when you are moving around during your workout and will also be beneficial to you when lifting, stretching and bending. Improving the stability of your core will give you better posture and help you to avoid back pain. It will also assist with any lifting work that you do.


Your Ab Roller can increase your Strength


When you use your ab roller regularly there are other muscles that will benefit besides your abdominals and your core. As you use your ab roller you will have to make certain movements and withstand loads. This helps to strengthen specific muscles in your body. Your shoulders and arms will benefit as will your thighs, hips and lower back.


Reduce any Back Pain issues with your Ab Roller


A lot of people suffer from back pain for a variety of reasons. Most adults (around 80%) experience back pain at certain times. There have been several studies on back pain and one of these showed that 25% of their participants had experienced back pain in the previous 12 weeks. Many work hours are lost due to back pain so it is something that you want to avoid at all costs.


One of the major causes of back pain is weak abdominal muscles. If your abs are weak then spine alignment and functionality become a problem. Through regular use of your ab wheel you will strengthen your abs which will assist in keeping your spine alignment correct which reduces the chances of back pain.


Improve your Coordination and Mobility


A lot of people participate in crunches to exercise their abs but the problem here is that the restricted range of movement can result in shortening hip flexor and ab muscles. This can have a negative effect on your posture and your back.


When you use your ab wheel you will boost inter and intra muscular coordination. This is because you use many joints and muscles with ab wheel workouts. Your mobility improves too due to your ab wheel providing you with a larger range of movement.


Take your Ab Wheel anywhere


No matter where you go there is no reason for you to miss out on your ab wheel exercise session. It is compact in size and lightweight so you can take it anywhere to use as aerobic equipment. Contrast this with bulky exercise equipment where you need a lot of space for storage and it isn’t easily mobile.


Great Abs and other muscle improvements for a low price


There is no need for you to be a member of a gym when you have your ab roller. You also don’t need to invest a ton of money on home gym equipment. For less than £10 right now you can have your high quality ab roller and enjoy the benefits of a great workout.


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