3kg easy grip medicine ball-Fitness And Training
3kg easy grip medicine ball-Fitness And Training
3kg easy grip medicine ball-Fitness And Training
3kg easy grip medicine ball-Fitness And Training

3kg easy grip medicine ball

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The 3kg easy grip medicine ball is another overlooked training aid that can provide really amazing results for you. We can offer you the very highest quality 3 kg medicine ball which is easy to grip and work with. This is a durable medicine ball which will last you for a lifetime of exercising.

It is always important to challenge your body in new ways and using a medicine ball will enable you to achieve that. You will not be sitting on your medicine ball but using your hands to perform the exercises. The weight of the medicine ball will provide resistance and will challenge your muscles in a similar way that dumbbells do.

But medicine balls have more versatility than dumbbells and other weights. You wouldn’t dream of throwing dumbbells around but you can certainly throw a medicine ball around. We have identified the main benefits of medicine ball training for you here:

You can build your Strength with a Medicine Ball

If you are looking to build explosive strength then medicine ball training is for you. When you develop this you can apply the maximum amount of force from your body for short time periods. Think about sprinting, leaping off the ground, throwing and kicking here (to name but a few).

You will probably be aware of building strength through the use of plyometrics training. Well if you add a medicine ball into the equation then you increase the challenge of the plyometrics exercises and you will develop power and strength a lot faster.

An example of a good exercise to use a medicine ball with is a squat jump. Just simply hold the medicine ball in your hands and the exercise becomes more of a challenge. You can also use a medicine ball effectively when you perform dynamic scissor lunges.

Great for your Core

A medicine ball is a great addition to those all important abdominal and core routines. If you perform crunches then holding a medicine ball will increase the resistance. For core training such as lunges and squats you can hold your medicine ball and raise it over your head as you come up. You will get a more dynamic range of movement with a medicine ball compared to using dumbbells.

Great for your Balance

If you want to improve your balance then use your medicine ball. For example you can use a medicine ball to perform Romanian deadlifts if you really want to challenge your balance. Or add a medicine ball to your pushups switching from side to side with your hand on the ball.

Better Hand / Eye Coordination

There is a very easy way to improve your hand / eye coordination through the use of your medicine ball. Just throw it up in the air and then catch it. You can involve a partner in this too by throwing the ball to them and they throwing it to you. 

You can use your 3 kg medicine ball from Fitness and Training to perform either upper or lower cardiovascular exercises as well. Of course you can also use it to provide increased resistance with your current range of exercises and aerobic equipment. This medicine ball has a textured surface so that it is comfortable and easy to grip.  

Medicine ball that is easy to grip weighing 3 kg.

A great addition for core muscle training.

Can be used to provide more challenging resistance training.

You get the benefit of cardio and muscular strength building.

Use your medicine ball at home or take it to the gym.

Tone your body and strengthen it too.

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