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There are many good reasons why you should add this high quality yoga block as an essential accessory for your yoga sessions. Your yoga block can help you to improve your reach or you can use it to place underneath your feet, buttocks or hands to aid your posture and provide you with support during your yoga sessions.

Features of a high quality yoga block

  • Your yoga block is very lightweight at just 0.18Kg and you can wash it easily
  • The dimensions of your yoga block are 233mm by 152mm by 76mm
  • Use it for yoga warm ups and poses to improve your stretching
  • Your yoga block will help with your posture, make your muscles stronger and make you suppler
  • You can use your yoga block to develop the strength of your core muscles and extend your reach

Your yoga block is available in black, pink or purple for the very low price of only £4.99

The benefits of using your Yoga Block

With your yoga block you will be able to develop your strength, make better alignments and get deep into the various yoga poses. A yoga block can really help if you find lifting your body weight a challenge with arm balances, starting to wobble with standing asanas, finding it difficult to relax your head with forward bends and sitting for long periods.

If you are an experienced yoga practitioner you will still find your yoga block useful for deep relaxation and exploring the asana anatomy. We would recommend that you purchase two yoga blocks so that you can increase the number of ways to use them.

Your Yoga Block will help to improve your Alignment

It can be really difficult to maintain the right alignment with certain yoga poses. Have you experienced difficulty with keeping a straight spine, keeping your knees aligned with your ankles with standing poses or your knees caving in with squats or the bridge pose? Well your yoga block can certainly help you here.

As an example of this your yoga block can help you to engage your hip abductor muscles properly when you lift your thigh to the side. Your yoga block will help you to align your spine, knees and hips and keep them strong too.

Yoga Blocks help you to grasp Internal and External Rotation

Is it confusing for you when you need to internally rotate your thigh muscles or externally rotate your shoulders? It is all about making you more aware of the muscle movements in your shoulders, hands, hips and legs and others so that you can avoid injuries and achieve correct alignment.

Your yoga block can help here. Consider the popular downward dog pose where you need to externally rotate your arms. You can hold a yoga block in both hands as you raise your arms over your head. It will assist you to broaden your shoulders and give you a better understanding of the external rotation.

Bring the Floor closer

When you are performing a standing asana it can be tough to move your hands to the floor. With yoga blocks you can lessen the distance to the floor and avoid wobbling. You can also use your yoga blocks to help with your balance when performing the warrior 3 pose, the extended side angle and the triangle pose.

Just place your yoga blocks in front and place your hands on them for stability. By doing this you prevent the curving of your spine and hamstring injuries and you will keep your feet firmly on the floor so that you lengthen your spine.

Maintain Poses for longer

When you are able to hold yoga poses for long periods you will develop more strength. Flexibility, stamina and obtain the full therapeutic benefits. Your yoga block will provide you with the support and stability you need to hold the pose for longer while you remain calm and focus on your breathing.

Helps you to Deepen your Stretch

When you have a couple of yoga blocks you can put your hands on them to give you the support for deeper poses. If you are just starting out with yoga put the yoga blocks between your feet as this will encourage the opening of your inner thighs, groin and hips.

Get your high quality yoga blocks now at just £4.99 each.