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If you are not training with weights either at home or at the gym then you really should consider starting to do this. At Fitness and Training we have the essential equipment and accessories that you need to succeed with your weight training goals.

There are a lot of misconceptions about weight training. A lot of women do not want to do it because they believe that they will increase their muscle mass significantly and really “bulk up”. But this does not have to be the case at all. A lot of women have toned their bodies and lost the excess weight that they wanted to get rid of through weight training.

So if you need some extra motivation here are the major benefits of weight training:

Maintain Healthy and Strong Bones

You need to exercise your bones just like you do your brain. As you get older your bones will gradually lose density and this can lead to problems in later life such as osteoporosis due to the loss of bone mass.

When you participate in weight training you will challenge your bones and this will help them to stay healthy and strong. There are several weight training exercises that you can perform to strengthen your bones.

Disease Prevention

If you regularly participate in weight training then you will be doing a lot to prevent the onset of diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Weight training is good for your heart as well as your brain and mental health which are all important to ward off disease.

The bottom line is that weight training makes you stronger. The stronger you are the more likely that you will be able to prevent disease occurring in your body.  So perform consistent weight training sessions to protect yourself in later life.

Boost your Metabolism and get rid of the Fat

Cardio training alone is unlikely to provide all the answers when it comes to weight loss. When you embark on weight training you will burn extra calories because this is what happens when your muscles are bigger. Muscle is an active tissue and after training it will burn energy.

To fully understand this think about how a thermostat works in your home. When you participate in weight training you will not turn the heat up in your body as much as you do with aerobic exercise. The burn will actually linger for a lot longer period to help you get rid of your excess fat.

Weight training will change the composition of your body and this will in turn help with your weight management. You will gain muscle mass and this will make you heavier to start with but your waistline will shrink as will other areas that contain excess fat. Muscles take up less room in your body than fat does.

Your Insulin will be Regulated

With weight training you will burn through glucose which will assist anyone that has diabetes problems. Your blood sugar levels become regulated and you will feel a whole lot better. If you have problems with inflammation then weight training can help with this too.

Improve your endurance and Strength

As you progress with your weight training you will become stronger and you will improve your endurance. When you strengthen your legs for example you will be able to stand for longer without getting tired.

Our hard to find range of weight training equipment and accessories include:

Ankle or wrist weights

Kettlebell weights

Fitness weight lifting gloves

Neoprene ankle or wrist weights

3 kg easy grip medicine ball

Rubber coated dumbbell pair

8 kg medicine ball

Large antibacterial microfibre fitness workout towel

Vinyl dumbbell set

Take your weight training to the next level with specialised equipment and accessories from Fitness and Training.