Peanut massage ball
Peanut massage ball

Peanut massage ball

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Our peanut massage ball allows you to work on tight muscle tissues, muscular knots and stiff joints. Whether you are recovering from a workout or have muscles pains the massage ball allows you to reach the deep areas of tight tissue with the use of applied pressure or your own body weight.

  • Peanut massage ball is for effective muscle trigger point release (Trigger point referring to an area that is causing stiffness/discomfort)
  • The massage ball combined with your own body weight or downward pressure targets painful / tight areas to release sticky muscle fascia / joint tissue that are not interacting with surrounding tissues effectively
  • The silicone ball has a soft outer coating but is relatively firm, allowing you to get adequate focused pressure into the hard to reach areas of the body
  • The massage ball is very durable and makes a handy addition to any kit bag / training programme
  • Can be used during recovery sessions and after exercises.
  • Massage ball size: 12.5 x 6CM
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