Gel rehabilitation hand exerciser stress ball Light (single)
Gel rehabilitation hand exerciser stress ball
Gel rehabilitation hand exerciser stress ball

Gel rehabilitation hand exerciser stress ball

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    There are a number of good reasons why you should use stress balls for exercising your hands. Available as singles, pairs and sets of 3.

    This high quality gel rehabilitation hand exerciser stress ball is very pleasant to use.

    There are three different resistance levels of stress ball that you can choose from and they have different colours:

    Yellow Stress Ball – this offers 30 pounds of resistance

    Red Stress Ball – this offers 40 pounds of resistance

    Blue Stress Ball – this offers 50 pounds of resistance

    After using the stress ball it returns to its original shape

    Easy to use at home or anywhere else

    Stress balls help to relieve the symptoms of arthritis, carpal tunnel, repetitive strain injuries, osteoarthritis and tendonitis.

    Stress balls have a high quality medical grade rubber construction with a surface that is uniquely textured

    This stress ball normally sells for £9.99 but if you act fast you can get it at our sale price of only £4.99

    The Benefits to you of using a Stress Ball

    A stress ball is a small ball that will fit in the palm of your hand. It is normally filled with a gel that is malleable. When you repeat the act of squeezing the ball it will release the tension in your hands, arms and body and help with stress relief.

    You can treat a number of medical issues using stress balls as well such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. When you use a stress ball repeatedly it will assist in the boosting of your blood circulation. Some people use a stress ball before they meditate as it relaxes them.

    A lot of physiotherapists recommend the use of stress balls. Regularly using a stress ball will help you to strengthen your wrist and hand muscles. If you have suffered an injury then a stress ball can provide a great deal of help. Here are some of the advantages of using a stress ball:

    Helps to reduce physical tension

    If you have an excess of physical tension in your body then a stress ball can help to reduce this significantly. Stress ball exercises provide a workout for your muscles and they are also good for your overall wellbeing.

    Get a better sleep

    With the fast paced lives that we lead these days it can be a challenge to get a really relaxing sleep every night. If you are not sleeping well then a few minutes of exercise with your stress ball can relax you so that you can get a restful sleep.

    It’s good for your mind

    This may shock you but exercising regularly with a stress ball can make your mind a lot clearer. While you are participating in the stress ball exercise you will focus your attention on it which will help you to relax.

    It is a good diversionary tactic to use to take your mind off of the stresses of the day. So improve your mental strength and your concentration with a stress ball. After a while you will find it a lot easier to unwind with your stress ball.

    Energy pathways and reflexology

    With reflexology therapy you will strengthen your vital organs. Using a stress ball is a form of reflexology. You will be able to relax your organs when exercising with a stress ball because your energy pathways will function more efficiently.

    Improves blood circulation

    Anything that improves the circulation of your blood is good and stress ball exercising will do that. Some people suffer with poor blood circulation to their extremities and using a stress ball can certainly help with this.

    Lowers mental tension

    Many people suffer from mental tension these days due to fast paced living. This can elevate stress levels and one of the best ways to lower mental tension is by using a stress ball. Your attention will be diverted to the stress ball in your hand so that other pressures are put to one side.

    Lighten your mood

    Stress can really have a negative impact on your mood. The best way to lighten your mood is to improve your wellbeing through mind and body. When you use a stress ball it will be easy for you to become absorbed in the exercise and reduce your stress levels.

    Stress relief anywhere

    Your hand exerciser stress ball is small and light so you can take it with you wherever you go. If you find yourself stressed out in the office then use your stress ball for a few minutes to provide you with much needed relief.

    Get your secret to injury recovery and stress relief now

    With all of the above benefits you will now be convinced that a stress ball is a very worthwhile purchase. You will never regret buying this high quality gel stress ball. Lock in your low price while you can

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