Massage and stress relief

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If you are suffering from stress and want to relieve it using massage then you have come to the right place. At Fitness and Training we have a great selection of massage and stress relief equipment that will really help to provide effective relief.

Stress is part of our everyday lives and a small amount of it is quite normal. Small doses of stress help us to achieve the things that we need to do each day. If you want to achieve fitness goals for example, small amounts of stress will assist you to do that.

Too much stress is not healthy. It can cause heart problems as well as depression and anxiety. If you are feeling high levels of stress then massage sessions will help to reduce this and also manage your stress. So what are the major benefits of massage when it comes to stress relief?

It will help you to Relax

When you are suffering from stress your body will kick in its “flight or fight” response. High levels of stress will increase your heart rate, breathing rate and the tension in your muscles. To counteract this you need to call upon your body’s relaxation response system.

When you participate in massage exercises you will elicit your relaxation response system. It will help to alleviate the built up stress in your body by slowing down your heart rate, relaxing your muscles and slowing down your breathing.

You will lower your Blood Pressure

There are many things that can cause your blood pressure to rise. Your lifestyle will certainly be a factor in this and if you have a sedentary job then this will not help. There was a survey in the USA a few years ago that concluded that regular massages helped the participants to lower their blood pressure.

The vagus nerve is an important factor when it comes to high blood pressure as it regulates it. When you perform massage exercises you will activate pressure points which are connected to the vagus nerve. Stimulation through massage will lower your blood pressure and keep it at normal levels.

Relieve Tension in your Muscles

When you perform massage exercises you will put your body into a state of relaxation. If you are suffering from tension in your neck, a pain in your jaw or headaches then these can all be signs of too much stress in your body.

When you use massage you will relieve stress and tension by breaking up the lactic acid and rectifying other problems that stress has caused. You will feel a lot less tense after you have performed a good massage session.

The Relief is Immediate

You should experience immediate stress relief when you perform a massage session. When you massage yourself you will relax both your mind and your muscles. Each area of your body that you target will benefit from a massage. This includes your head. If you have a headache or any other kind of facial pain then a good massage for a few seconds will provide you with instant relief.

We have some excellent massage and stress relief products here at Fitness and Training:

  • Peanut massage ball
  • 33 cm fitness deep tissue massage roller
  • Soft foam squeeze ball for rehabilitation and stress relief
  • Blue Spiky Massage Ball – 10 cm diameter
  • Gel rehabilitation hand exerciser stress ball
  • High density fitness foam roller
  • Massage ball set of 3

Don’t let stress build up and cause you problems. Participate in a regular massage routine, and make this easier with this very effective and high quality massage and stress relief equipment from Fitness and Training.