Metal press up bars
Metal press up bars
Metal press up bars
Metal press up bars

Metal press up bars

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Press ups or push ups will allow you to target various muscle groups such as your deltoids, your abdominals, your triceps and your pectorals as well as others. Standard press ups can put a lot of strain on your wrists but you can alleviate this by using our high quality metal press up bars.

When you use your metal press up bars you will feel more comfortable and your wrists will be under a lot less of a strain. Press ups are a great way to develop the muscles in your arms, chest and shoulders so be sure to use your press up bars as part of your daily home workout.

Our metal press up bars have the following features:

  • You get 2 press up bars that you can use to assist in the development of your shoulders, chest and arms
  • Your press up bars are more comfortable thanks to the hand grips using densely padded foam
  • Your metal press up bars are high quality using a single piece construction
  • The press up bars have rubber end caps for improved stability and floor surface protection
  • Each press up bar weighs around 0.75Kg
  • Bar dimensions are 210mm by 130mm by 125 mm

Right now you can get your high quality metal press up bars for the low price of just £9.99.

Why you need to use your Metal Press Up Bars in your Workout

Most people that use press up bars will tell you that they would never do press ups without them. The reason for this is that press up bars offer a number of benefits over the standard press up.

It is very important that you protect your wrist joints as much as possible. With a regular press up your wrist joints will be placed under a lot more strain because they have to move in all directions to support the exercise.

Another major benefit of using press up bars is the greater range of motion. This will help you to target specific muscles and work them harder. It is really easy to increase the range of motion of your press ups and reap the benefits of doing this.

Take care of your Wrist Joints

Your press ups will be a lot easier on your wrists when you use press up bars as opposed to performing standard press ups. The reason for this is that your press up bars will ensure that your wrists, hands and forearms are kept in a straight line. Your wrist joints remain in a neutral position and this is a lot better than the pressure applied with standard press ups.

Increasing your Range of Motion with Press Up Bars

You can target specific muscles by increasing the range of motion with your press ups. Press up bars make this a lot easier to do and you will find that you can place your targeted muscles under tension for longer. This will help you with your muscle building and it will help you to become stronger as well.

A good example of an increased range of motion with your press up bars is elevating your hands on the bars. When you do this your chest can end up below your hands. This will work your pectorals harder as your shoulders are more abducted.

Not only will your press up bars protect your wrist joints but they will allow you to work your wrists more intently. It is essential that you perform the press up exercises correctly with your bars as this will ensure that you work your wrists properly and make them stronger.

Improve your Core Muscles with Press Up Bars

When you use your press up bars you will help your core to become stronger with a better upper body workout. It is very easy to use your metal press up bars at home avoiding expensive gym memberships.

To perform a good press up workout with your press up bars you need to be prepared properly. Make sure that you go through a good warm up routine first. Make sure that the area you will use for your press ups is free from any clutter.

Take advantage of the benefits your metal press up bars will provide by getting yours today.

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