Yoga pilates ring
Yoga pilates ring
Yoga pilates ring

Yoga pilates ring

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If you practice Pilates then this high quality Yoga Pilates ring will help you to reach the next level with your workouts. Your Pilates ring is lightweight and has grips on both the inside and the outside.

You will find that your Pilates ring is very comfortable to use due to the contact areas having foam padding. When you use your Pilates ring you will find it perfect for toning your body and a great way to add resistance training to your Pilates workout.

These are the main features of your high quality Pilates ring:

  • Your Pilates ring has double handles which will help to increase the intensity of your floor exercises
  • You can use your Pilates ring during your Pilates sessions and for general flexibility training too
  • Your Pilates ring will help you to develop your core muscles, improve your back strength and tone those problem areas
  • You can use your Pilates ring to tone your abs, your inner and outer thighs, your pelvic muscles and your upper arms
  • Your Pilates ring will help you develop greater agility, stamina and mobility
  • Your Pilates ring is lightweight at just 0.57Kg
  • The dimensions of your Pilates ring are 410mm by 400mm by 60mm

You can get your high quality Pilates ring today for the low price of only £12.99

The Benefits of Using your Pilates Ring

Pilates is a great way to perform an efficient workout at home with very little equipment needed. No matter what your strength level or how old you are you can benefit from participating in Pilates.

Unlike other exercise routines such as weight training, Pilates will provide the correct balance in your body as well as the correct form and alignment. You can actually perform Pilates at home with no equipment whatsoever but one inexpensive piece of equipment that we would recommend that you use is your Pilates ring.

Your Pilates ring is extremely compact and you can store it away easily. This means that if you have to travel somewhere then taking your Pilates ring with you is no problem at all. When you use your Pilates ring you add medium or light resistance to your Pilates sessions which will challenge a number of your body areas such as your upper body, your core and your lower body.

There is an isometrics aspect to Pilates and when you use your Pilates ring to add extra resistance you will enhance this aspect. You will be able to improve your balance through this. When you practice Pilates regularly using your Pilates ring you will build your muscles and tone them too.

You will get better results faster when you add your Pilates ring to your Pilates workouts. The Pilates ring will help you to engage more with those important muscle groups with controlled and slow movement. You will be able to target specific muscles by isolating them and with the correct form you will not waste any energy and just benefit your body overall.

Common uses of your Pilates Ring

When you use your Pilates ring you will be increasing the amount of resistance in your Pilates sessions. It is a lot easier to target your upper body, core and lower body muscles when you use your Pilates ring.

A lot of people use their Pilates ring to work both of their arms. When you do this properly you will apply additional pressure inward on both sides. You can adapt this for your lower body by squeezing your Pilates ring between your lower legs or thighs. If you want to apply pressure from one side at a time then use your Pilates ring in a straight arm floor press.

Using your Pilates Ring to develop your Core

There are lots of Pilates ring exercises that you can do to develop your core muscles. You can create an imbalance in your body so that you get a reaction to this. Your core muscles spring into action to restore your balance and in turn this will tone your core muscles and prevent atrophy.

If you participate in a diverse Pilates ring workout then you will work your core by making your body react to different imbalance poses. Your Pilates ring provides the additional resistance so that you will need to exert more effort to restore your balance.

Start benefiting from your high quality Pilates ring today at the low price of just £9.99

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