Cordless digital skipping rope-Fitness And Training
Cordless digital skipping rope-Fitness And Training
Cordless digital skipping rope-Fitness And Training
Cordless digital skipping rope-Fitness And Training
Cordless digital skipping rope-Fitness And Training
Cordless digital skipping rope-Fitness And Training
Cordless digital skipping rope-Fitness And Training
Cordless digital skipping rope-Fitness And Training
Cordless digital skipping rope-Fitness And Training

Cordless digital skipping rope

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You may not be aware of the health benefits that skipping can deliver. It is a form of exercise that is definitely back in vogue and for good reason.

With this digital skipping rope you get an additional cord that you can use if you prefer to use the rope in the traditional manner.

You can adjust the cord length to suit your requirements. Whether you go cordless or use the cord, the digital counter records the number of skips that you make. The counter also records the amount of calories burned and the distance covered.

Please note that your results can differ +/- 10%

Your cordless digital skipping rope is available for just £9.99

The Reasons that you must use a Jump Rope

When you think about jump rope you may have visions of little girls playing in the playground or boxers in the gym. But the truth is that anyone can benefit from using a jump rope as part of their exercise routine.

Improve your Coordination

When you embark on a jump rope routine you will spend a lot of time concentrating on your feet which will improve your coordination overall. You may not be consciously focusing on your feet but your brain will know what is happening down there. The more regularly you use a jump rope the more agile and light on your feet you will be with agility training.

Reduce the amount of Ankle and Foot Injuries 

If you participate in other sports such as tennis and football then there you are likely to suffer injuries to your ankles or feet. The injuries usually result from running and then suddenly stopping and turning.

With regular skipping ropes you will increase the strength of the muscle groups around your ankles and feet. This will reduce the likelihood of you injuring your ankles or feet in other sports. People that skip use the balls of their feet and their toes a lot rather than being flat footed.

Weight Loss through Calorie Burning

 If you participate in skipping rope exercises for half an hour you will burn more calories than if you were to go jogging for the same amount of time. With jump rope it is theoretically possible to burn as much as 1300 calories in an hour.

This means that a cordless digital skipping rope is good aerobic equipment resulting in the fact that each jump burns around 0.1 calories. You would have to run the equivalent of an 8 minute mile to burn the same amount of calories with jump rope. Which would you rather do?

Take your Cordless Digital Skipping Rope anywhere

Wherever you go you can take your cordless digital skipping rope with you. You don’t need a lot of space to perform jump rope exercises either. If you travel a lot then it is no problem to pack your digital skipping rope. Whenever you have some free time you can take out your jump rope and get going.

Bone Density Improvements

A number of medical experts believe that the jumping up and down motion with jump rope will improve the density of your bones. There have been studies performed in Japan with mice where they were able to increase their bone density after jumping up or down over a period of time.

It’s great Cardio Exercise

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that jump rope is very beneficial for aerobic conditioning. In order to provide cardio benefit for your lungs and heart you need to exercise around 20 minutes each time four to five times a week.

It is good for your Breathing

Along with the known cardio benefits of jump rope exercises it is also good for improving your breathing. You will improve the efficiency of your breathing which will help you when you are participating in other exercise disciplines such as swimming or squash.

Be a Smarter Person with Jump Rope

You may find this hard to believe but jump rope exercises actually aid the development of the right and left hemispheres of the brain according to the Jump Rope Institute. This leads to greater mental awareness, improvements to your memory and better reading skills.

When you use your cordless digital skipping rope you will jump using the balls of your feet. This requires your mind and body to make neural adjustments with your muscles to compensate for imbalances when you jump.

Reduces Stress and makes you Calmer

When you jump rope you use your body and your brain at the same time. This will reduce stress and make you much calmer. According to the Jump Rope Institute this is a biochemical function. You have to synchronise your mind and body to be good at jump rope. As you improve your technique it you will find yourself a lot calmer after your sessions.

So there you have it. There are a lot of great benefits from participating in jump rope exercise. With your cordless digital skipping rope you have a lot more control and you can get the feedback that you need.


Results can differ by upto +/- 10%

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