Suspension trainer-Fitness And Training
Suspension trainer-Fitness And Training
Suspension trainer-Fitness And Training
Suspension trainer-Fitness And Training
Suspension trainer-Fitness And Training

Suspension trainer

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This high quality and durable suspension trainer can be used in your home or even outdoors so that you can perform a wide range of exercises for your entire body.

Suspension trainer uses

With this suspension trainer you will find it both easy and beneficial to perform exercises such as suspended pushups, the chest press, planks, a standing lean and much more.

This suspension trainer has a maximum weight handling capacity of 125kg or 275 pounds.

With your high quality suspension trainer you get a strong tether with loops, two handles, two clasps, two tether straps, two foot loops and a convenient mesh design storage bag.

Right now you can save money on your suspension trainer. Instead of the usual price of £39.99 it is available in our sale for just £22.99. But hurry as this price will not be available all of the time.

The Benefits of Suspension Training

There are many reasons why suspension training has grown in popularity over the last few years. Not only is it a popular exercise routine in gyms but many people are participating in suspension training at home these days.

You can get a great Core Workout

When you exercise your core you will improve your body stability and your flexibility and balance. By using a great suspension trainer like this one you will challenge your stability, flexibility and balance with each exercise.

During your workouts the muscles in your core make several adjustments so that your body remains stable. It doesn’t matter if you are not focusing on your core with specific exercises. Almost all suspension training exercises will engage your core region.

Strengthening your core muscles is very beneficial. Your core is the foundation of power for your body. When you have a strong core you will find that you can perform all exercises a lot better. You will also protect yourself from back pain because you will use your lower back muscles less.

Many different Suspension Training Exercises

There are so many exercises that you can perform with a suspension trainer and you will never be short on variety. With suspension training it is possible for you to provide a workout for every muscle group that you have.

You can participate in pushing and pulling exercises with a suspension trainer. The pushing exercises are great for your shoulders and chest, while the pulling exercises will challenge your back and your biceps.

There is no need to use an expensive cable weight machine when you have a suspension trainer. You can perform so many different exercises and you use your body weight instead of a stack of weights. To increase the resistance all you need to do is to adjust the position of your body. Exercises are tougher the lower you are to the floor.

Anybody can Benefit from Suspension Training

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or very experienced you can benefit from suspension training. Beginners can make the exercises easier by maintaining a more upright position when using the suspension trainer. Those with more experience can move their bodies near to the floor for increased resistance.

If you want more of a challenge with your suspension training then you can use the foot loops. This will test your core muscles a lot more and you will be able to transform a simple pushup exercise into an exercise for a number of different areas of your body.

Suspension Training improves Coordination and Balance

Most resistance training will target one specific muscle group. This will not do much to improve your coordination and balance. When you introduce a suspension trainer the muscles of your core will work hard because they need to maintain your balance during each exercise. Other muscles become involved as well which helps with coordination too.

Suspension Training has Cardio Benefits

Not only will you get a great resistance workout with your suspension trainer but it provides good cardio exercise as well. It is very easy to move from one exercise to another with suspension training so you will keep your heart rate up throughout the entire workout.

There is extra exertion required with maintaining your balance and this is good cardio. For even more cardio benefits you can increase the pace of your suspension training and perform more repetitions.

Suspension Trainer Exercises are Low Impact

When you use a suspension trainer your workout is a lot kinder to your joints. The fact that you are suspended in the air means that you will not jar your joints like you would with some conventional exercises.

If you recovering from an injury there are a lot of benefits with suspension training. You can perform full range of motion exercises which will help to strengthen the areas affected by the injury. This is not possible with conventional weight training.

There are many other benefits of suspension training. Invest in your high quality suspension trainer today and start reaping the rewards tomorrow.

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