Resistance band set-Fitness And Training
Resistance band set-Fitness And Training
Resistance band set-Fitness And Training
Resistance band set-Fitness And Training
Resistance band set-Fitness And Training
Resistance band set-Fitness And Training

Resistance band set

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Your resistance bands set from Fitness and Training includes the following levels of resistance

- Extra Light Resistance Band Yellow X (7-11 pounds)
- Light Resistance Band Green (10-17 pounds)
- Medium Resistance Band Red (13-21 pounds)
- Heavy Resistance Band Blue (16-27 pounds)
- Extra Heavy Resistance Band Black (21-33 pounds)
- Extra Extra (XX) Heavy Resistance Band Orange (28-44 pounds)
- A Convenient Bag For Travel

What you need to know about our resistance bands

  • RESISTANCE BANDS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY: These mini loop resistance bands for exercise are of the highest quality and work well for both men and women. When the bands are being used they will keep their flawless shape and the elasticity will remain perfect. This will be true even after you have used the bands for exercise fitness for a long period of time and used them repeatedly. Only the highest quality materials have been used to produce these 12 inch (30 cm) long and 2 inch (5 cm) wide bands. This ensures that they will last you a very long time and will be your perfect fitness equipment accessory for many years into the future!


  • FITNESS NOVICES AND PROFESSIONALS CAN USE THEM EFFECTIVELY: It does not matter if you are totally new to the world of fitness or a seasoned professional, you can derive extreme benefits from using our mini loop resistance band sets in your exercise routines or home workout and take your workouts to the next level. The heavy duty resistance bands are excellent for strength training, cross training, leg exercises, Yoga and Pilates training. If you are currently going through an injury rehabilitation program or physical therapy then our resistance bands can easily be integrated into your program!


  • YOU CAN CUSTOMISE YOUR WORKOUTS: You have so much choice for your workouts when you use our resistance band loop set. When you receive your set of 6 resistance bands you will get 3 Light Bands (Extra Light, Light, Medium) and 3 Heavy Bands (Heavy, Extra Heavy, Extra Extra Heavy). You can now choose to mix and match the stretch bands as well as combine them to suit your desire for strength training. The more that you exercise the more your stamina will be increased. This means that you can change the resistance and increase it as your stamina develops very easily!
  • YOUR STRENGTH RESISTANCE BANDS ARE PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT!: You can take your new resistance bands with you almost anywhere. They are very portable and lightweight which makes them your perfect fitness travelling companion. If you go to the gym or exercise at home you can use your resistance bands. If you have to travel then your resistance bands are very small and light and can go with you. We supply you with a very convenient drawstring travel bag to easily carry around your resistance bands set. The travel bag is highly durable and will easily fit inside any kind of luggage or bag and will take up minimal space.


Our resistance bands sets are great for these exercises:-

- Place a band between your knees to perform Squats

- Place a band between your knees for great Glute bridges / raises

- Place a band around your lower shins for awesome Glute kickbacks

- Use your bands for crab walks such as lateral shuffles / walks

- With a band trapped under your stationary foot and then looped over the toes of the foot to be raised you can perform enhanced Knee raises.

- Your resistance bands sets will also be great for wrist, rotary cuff, arm, calf and ankle exercises and all resistance training.

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