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65cm yoga exercise ball

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An exercise ball is a great piece of equipment to have as it is so versatile and you can get so much out of it. If you workout at home then your exercise ball is excellent for your core muscles, improving your stability and a fantastic piece of yoga equipment.

You can target a lot of different muscles with your exercise ball. After using the ball for a while you will notice improvements in your balance and your posture and you will also improve your flexibility and core muscle strength.

When you receive your exercise ball all you need to do is inflate it with air using the pump provided and you are good to go. Your exercise ball has a special ribbed finish which provides a good grip.

Your exercise ball is grey in colour and 65cm in diameter. It comes with a handy air pump and a workout guide that you can use at home as aerobic equipment.

This 65cm yoga exercise ball is available in our sale for only £12.99 reduced from its normal price of £19.99. So get your exercise ball today to take advantage of the lower price as our sale will not go on indefinitely.

Why should you go for an Exercise Ball?

These days people tend to spend too much time sitting around for long periods and there are a number of health risks associated with doing this. Obesity is a common problem but there are other dangers too such as cancer and heart disease.

When you sit in a chair for hours on end your body does not work to its optimum capability. So using an exercise ball will provide you with the following benefits:

Your Circulation will improve

Instead of sitting rigid on a chair sit on your exercise ball instead. When you do this you will have to work your muscles so that you don’t fall off your ball. Your balance improves as a result and you will be exercising your lymphatic system too. It is important to work your lymphatic system as this will drain unwanted toxins from your body.

Your Balance will improve

Sitting on your exercise ball means that you will have to work hard because the whole thing is unstable. You will need to make a lot of corrections to stay seated on your ball and not end up on the floor. It is good for your posture too and your reaction time will improve the more you sit on your exercise ball.

Your Exercise Ball provides you with more Energy

When you sit around in a chair for a long time you are very likely to feel tired. Scientific studies have shown this time and again. You will be making a number of small movements to keep your balance on an exercise ball which will stop you from being tired and provide you with more energy.

Your Posture will improve

If you sit in a conventional chair it is very easy to slip into a slouching position which is no good for your posture. It is very easy to hunch your shoulders and you can end up with back pain. Sitting on your exercise ball will improve your posture because you will need the right posture position to actually stay on your ball.

An exercise ball actually provides good support for the back of your legs and an office chair doesn’t. The ball will also provide support for the base of your spine and your bottom. It is a great way to maintain the right posture and avoid the dreaded back pain.

You will Exercise at your Desk

Imagine being able to perform mini workouts all day while you are at your desk. Well with your exercise ball you can do just that. You can do this at home too while you are watching TV or using your computer. It is easy to perform different stretches that will improve your general well being.

You will change your sitting position often

 As soon as you sit on your exercise ball you will start to change your seating position often without realising it. It will take a little getting used to but after a while you will find your exercise ball is really comfortable and you will not want to go back to using a hard chair again.

Every time that you move to do something in your home or office you will have to rebalance your body on your exercise ball. This is great for your lymphatic system and your muscles. You can have your exercise ball for an incredibly low price today so get it now. You will never regret it.