Sports and Fitness Agility Speed Ladder 8m 16 rung
Sports and Fitness Agility Speed Ladder
Sports and Fitness Agility Speed Ladder
Sports and Fitness Agility Speed Ladder
Sports and Fitness Agility Speed Ladder
Sports and Fitness Agility Speed Ladder
Sports and Fitness Agility Speed Ladder

Sports and Fitness Agility Speed Ladder

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Sports and Fitness Agility Speed Ladder

Add an agility speed ladder to your training sessions and get your heart pumping fast. You will improve your acceleration, time reaction, foot speed, directional change ability and your overall quickness.

If you are looking to push yourself and take your workouts up a notch then you need to get this agility speed ladder. You will have a great deal of fun using your agility speed ladder and your sessions will be more engaging.

There are two different ladder lengths which are 6 metres and 8 metres. The 6 metre ladder has 12 adjustable rungs and the 8 metre ladder 16 adjustable rungs.

It is really easy to set up your agility speed ladder and you can put it away in seconds after your workout. It is very durable and lightweight and you can use it indoors or outside.

The width of the rope is 2.5cm and the rungs are 50cm in width and 4cm in height.

A convenient sports carry bag is also provided so that you can take your agility speed ladder wherever you want.

Right now you can save a great deal on your agility speed ladder. The 6 metre ladder is available for just £14.99 instead of £34.99 and the 8 metre ladder is only £18.99 reduced from £39.99 in our sale. These prices will not last forever so get your agility speed ladder today.

How your Agility Speed Ladder will benefit you

Using your agility speed ladder in your workouts will give you that extra edge. Maybe you play a sport and you need to get to the next level of fitness to truly excel in it. Or perhaps you just want to be quicker overall and improve on your reaction times. Whatever you need your agility speed ladder will help you to achieve it.

There are a number of benefits to using your agility speed ladder when you are performing your exercise routines:

You will Improve your Balance

When you are using your agility speed ladder you will need to keep your balance at all times. At first you may have to concentrate on your balance to get it right but over time this will become more natural for you. It is a great way to improve your overall balance.

You will make your Muscles Stronger

You will make your leg and core muscles stronger through regular use of your agility speed ladder. This will make you more powerful overall and provide additional stamina to go that extra mile.

You will Manoevre your Feet better

When you use your agility speed ladder properly it will require you to manoevre your feet quickly and with intent. As you practice more you will become very skilled at this and if you play sports this will help you a great deal.

You will learn different Foot Patterns

A lot of people find it difficult to move their feet in different ways as they do not have the flexibility. After using your agility speed ladder for a while you will master more complex foot patterns which you can put to good use in other areas.

You will Run better

Anything that improves your running skills is good and your agility speed ladder scores top marks here. When you embark on several different exercises with your ladder your running skills will improve for sure.

You will protect yourself from Injuries

The best way to protect yourself from injuries is to make your muscles stronger so that they can withstand more pressure. With regular use of your agility speed ladder you will do that and toughen yourself up for playing your favourite sports.

You will improve your Self Confidence

This is a hidden benefit of using your agility speed ladder. When you use your ladder often and keep practicing with it you will become really good and your self confidence will improve.

Great Exercises with your Agility Speed Ladder

You can really burn a lot of calories if you do the right exercises with your ladder. Agility speed ladder exercises have a lot of cardio benefits and they burn a great deal of calories too. Using your ladder will require intense effort in short bursts and this will really help in shifting that unwanted fat.

Here are some good agility speed ladder exercises to try:

  • Jumping jack feet
  • Single foot in each square
  • Cross overs
  • Lateral stepping
  • Single foot hops
  • In in out out
  • Side shuffle

Get your agility speed ladder today at an incredibly low price and improve yourself in so many ways.

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