Body Sculpture BT3152 Motorised Treadmill

Getting your dream body takes a lot of work, and this is why exercise equipment like the Body Sculpture BT3152 Motorised Treadmill are there to help you. It’s no longer just enough to watch what you’re eating and maintain a healthier lifestyle. There has to be a proactive effort to really exercise regularly so you can build up muscles instead of fat. Sculpting the body takes some effort, but having a treadmill right at your own home certainly makes things easier.


Body Sculpture BT3152 Motorised Treadmill Features


The Body Sculpture BT3152 Motorised Treadmill is a good basic treadmill to have, and it can certainly help you get the body you’ve always dreamed about. Here are some of the key product features that characterise this treadmill:


  • Product Size: 158cm x 130cm x 72cm
  • Fold up Size: 30cm x 158cm x 72 cm
  • Runway Size : 125cm x 40cm
  • Weight when package is delivered : 52 kg
  • Maximum weight of user: 110 kg
  • Workout Programmes: 4
  • Motor: 2.2 horsepower
  • Speed: 0.8 km/h to 14 km/h


Benefits of a Body Sculpture Motorised Treadmill


Going with the Body Sculpture BT3152 Motorised Treadmill instead of other motorised treadmill products has several advantages:


  • Progress Tracking - To help ensure that you’re right on track with your fitness goals, this treadmill comes with a large display where you can see distance, time, speed, calories burned and even your heart rate (through the hand pulse sensors). This makes it easy to track your progress as well as take steps to adjust your workout if necessary.
  • Compact Storage - The treadmill can also be folded at 90 degrees, so unlike other bulky options for exercise equipment, storage is not a problem with this one.
  • Transport wheels - Aside from being easy to fold up and store, this treadmill comes with wheels that make it easy to transfer from one part of the house to another. This is a flexibility that’s important especially if you easily get bored exercising in one spot.
  • Incline - You may vary the intensity of your workout because the treadmill comes with a 2-step manual incline. This means that you can even mimic walking or jogging up a steep hill, even when you’re just at home in front of the television set.
  • Different Program Options - The 3 pre-set programs and 1 manual program can help you vary your workout depending on your preference.
  • Cushioned runway - The cushioned runway of the Body Sculpture BT3152 Motorised Treadmill allows you to run without hurting your joints, particularly your knees.
  • Holder for “extras” - Because you need all the support you can get while working out, this treadmill features a strategically placed water bottle holder as well as a container for your phone or mp3.


When you have a treadmill at home, you can maximise your use of the product by making sure you use it regularly. Choosing the Body Sculpture BT3152 Motorised treadmill is even better because it is EN975 European Safety compliant. You can be sure that this piece of equipment is sturdy, and it can certainly help fast-track your way to a fitter and healthier you.