Biosync Powered Foldable Treadmill

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense treadmill that can help you achieve your fitness targets by working out at home, then the Biosync Foldable Running Machine Powered Treadmill is the one for you. With its controllable speed and reliable LCD exercise monitor, you can go for a walk, jog, or even run at your own pace and with no one dictating how fast or how slow you should go. You get to control your own workout from the convenience of your own home, and this is why buying this treadmill is certainly the first step towards a better you.


Biosync Powered Foldable Treadmill Features


This foldable running machine comes with the following features:


  • Product Size: 128.5 x 119 x 58 cm
  • Runway Size : 100cm x 34cm
  • Maximum Weight of User: 100kg
  • Weight of Machine: 27kg
  • Weight when package is delivered : 29kg


Important Treadmill Benefits


It’s important to be fully aware of the perks related to any product you’re about to buy, so here are the important benefits you can get from the Biosync Foldable Running Machine Powered Treadmill:


  • Safety support - Safety is a primary concern when it comes to exercise equipment, and this treadmill is fully equipped with safety support handles and a sturdy tubular steel frame. The handles also come with grips that are padded with high-density foam, which provides full support for the workout, no matter how intense you programme it to be.
  • Hydraulic assist for easy storage - When you want to transfer your treadmill somewhere or store it away in a separate area, the hydraulic assist feature will help you fold it away easily.
  • Integrated LCD monitor - Tracking is just as important as the act of exercising, so it’s good that the Biosync Foldable Running Machine Powered Treadmill comes with a single-screen exercise monitor that allows you to track all the important workout figures. This includes calories, distance, speed and time.
  • Variable speed - The treadmill comes with a push button that allows you to set the speed from a leisurely walk at 1km/h all the way to a sprint at 10km/h.
  • Magnetic Safe-T-Key Auto Stop System - If in the middle of your workout you suddenly need to stop, you can do it without any hassle because this equipment has a magnetic auto stop system.


Your Partner in Fitness


The important part about working out is making it regular and complementing it with a healthy lifestyle. The Biosync Foldable Running Machine Powered Treadmill helps you maintain a regular workout routine because exercising then becomes so convenient. You have no excuse not to exercise because you have a treadmill right where you want it –at home. You just need to make sure you also track your progress. If you start with a 1km/h speed just to have a leisurely way of burning calories and do it for 30 minutes every day, you can gradually increase that speed and burn even more calories.


Buy the Biosync Foldable Running Machine Powered Treadmill today pretty soon you will achieve all your fitness goals.