Physionics Barbell Squat Rack

Getting the Physionics HTAL01 Barbell Squat Rack Stand for Curl Bar for your barbell at home is one of the smartest investments you’ll ever make for your home gym. It enables you to squat far more easily, and with a weight bench you can also add bench presses to your repertoire. What all these means is that your strength and weight training becomes far more effective, and you can progress easily and much more confidently. The additional safe guards provided by the Physionics HTAL01 means that you can pile on the weight on the barbell in order to get a more effective workout.

For example, the lack of a barbell stand often forces lifters to fear lifting too much weight when there are no spotters around. That’s usually the case for a home gym where the only person around is you. Since many lifters stay away from failure, this means that you often find yourself lifting and benching lower loads than you should, which will account for the slowness of your workout gains. With the Physionics HTAL01, you can then get back the confidence to increase the intensities so that you can maximize your gains.

Squat Rack Stand Adjustability

One of the main advantages of the Physionics HTAL01 is that it is eminently adjustable so that just about every size of barbell and every type of exercise you can do can be accommodated. There are 12 height levels you can choose from, with a 74 cm height minimum and a maximum of 165 cm.

It’s even more adjustable when it comes to width. The Physionics HTAL01 comes without a limiting joining bar, so you can set the squat stands as far apart as you want to fit your barbell and your gripping style.

Strength and Stability

It can be very dangerous if your barbell stand cannot handle the weight of a barbell reliably. Fortunately, the Physionics HTAL01 can handle a weight of up to 100 kilos or 220 pounds. It’s made of very sturdy high-quality steel, and the securing pins and the catcher bars do their job superbly. It also has non-slip footing to prevent any kinds of accidents.

Setup and Space Requirements

The setup is a breeze for the Physionics HTAL01. About half an hour should be enough, but many can do it in just 15 minutes. The manual (with instructions in German and French as well as in English) is quite thorough and clear, and you’ll be able to follow the procedures with no problem. You’ll just need an adjustable wrench to tighten the bolts while another wrench or even pliers holds the other ends in place.

When you’re done with the assembly, what you have is equipment that weighs a mere 18 kilos, which is amazing in light of its strength and stability. It’s lightweight enough that you can easily transport the Physionics HTAL01 anywehre you want to exercise with your barbell. When you’re done with your exercises, the configuration of the 48cm by 50cm bases allows you to store them in a very small space.

So if you haven’t procured the Physionics HTAL01, do so now. You perform workouts to improve yourself, and those improvements come much faster and safer with the Physionics HTAL01 Barbell Squat Rack Stand for Curl Bar.