Heavy Duty York Diamond Sit up Bench

In a world of so many options, finding that piece of exercise equipment that’s perfect for your body and fitness needs can sometimes take time. There are a lot of factors to consider, and you can’t just choose the first piece of equipment you find. With the advent of online shopping, all the necessary information complete with photos and useful reviews are available over the internet, and you can easily assess your options based on what you want to achieve. When it comes to abdominal fitness, one of the most reliable and heavy duty options available in the market today is the York Diamond Sit-up/Flat Bench.


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Design Elements of the York Diamond Sit up Bench


Designed to be a multi-position bench, you can use this piece of exercise equipment in a combination of exercises. You can complete your workout in a flat position as well as a decline position, so it’s very ideal for combining the usual abdominal exercises with the use of dumbbells. This dynamic design is complemented by a comfortably-padded bench with thick upholstery, so no matter what exercise you do, you’ll still feel the needed comfort. The grey styling with orange trimmings also makes it very sleek and different from the usual all-black exercise equipment in the market today.


Important Features of a sit up bench


Here are some of the most important product features that people look for:


  • Maximum Weight of User is 200kg or 441 lbs
  • Length is 159cm or 62.6”
  • Width is 59cm or 23.2”
  • Height is 84cm or 33”


Sit up Bench Benefits


The York Diamond Sit-up/Flat Bench has many important benefits that set it apart from other abdominal exercise equipment:


  1. Durability – For something that you can purchase online and add to your home gym, this piece of equipment is actually quite heavy duty. Typical portable ab exercisers can usually only handle a maximum weight of around 100kg, but this one can handle to as much as 200kg or 331 lbs. This means it’s a lot more sturdy and durable than the usual ab exercisers.
  2. Versatility – Another important benefit is that this piece of equipment is quite versatile when it comes to the exercises that you can do here. This is because it’s basically a combination of a sit-up board (4 positions) and a flat bench, which gives you the flexibility of shifting from abdominal exercises to dumbbell workouts. It’s also highly adjustable to various positions.
  3. Style – This may be a heavy duty ab exerciser, but it certainly doesn’t look chunky and outdated. It’s stylishly designed, which means you can display it proudly anywhere in your house.
  4. Comfort – The thickly padded upholstery as well as the under knee support ensures that you have all the best comfort while reaching your fitness goals.
Warranty – The York Diamond Sit-up/Flat Bench also comes with a 3-year warranty. Some products have a warranty lower than that, so this 3-year period actually gives you confidence that the product performs well and in case something goes awry, you have the full support of the manufacturer.