York R700 Rowing Machine

If you’re thinking about getting yourself a dependable and durable rowing machine, then you won’t have to look further once you’ve seen the York R700 Platinum Rowing Machine.

Everyone knows the benefits of rowing machines—they give you a total body workout, toned muscles, and a proper cardio—but sometimes these benefits remain to be seen when you buy a shoddy exercise machine.

The Sturdiness of the York R700 Rowing Machine

The York R700 is rated for people who weigh up to 110 kilos, but that’s not the only thing that speaks of its durability. It is large enough that even a 6-and-a-half foot tall individual won’t feel cramped. You’ll still be able to extend your legs fully while you row, and the seat still won’t reach the safety stop at the end of the slider bar.

It’s made from really high-quality materials, and the extra weight (it weighs about 36 kilos) gives you the confidence that it will stand up to it if you change from a gentle and easy training session to a more intensive workout. The seat is large and padded for comfort, and the high-quality pivoting footplates with adjustable Velcro straps can withstand heavy duty use.

York R700 Rowing Machine Benefits

The York R700 operates on a combination of air and magnetic resistance, so it’s really as smooth as actually rowing in the water when you do your pulling and rowing action. The sliding padded seat just adds to the comfort level, and you can also adjust the height of the handle so that you can position it to the most comfortable configuration.

Workouts require varying levels of loads and resistance, and the York R700 Platinum Rowing Machine certainly gives you that. It offers up to 8 resistance levels for you to work on, and that means that levelling up won’t have to feel too jarring.

You’ll be able to know for sure when to adjust the level of resistance by monitoring your stats which the computer tracks for you. It displays info such as your time for 500 metres, the number of strokes you’ve done in total, the distance you’ve “travelled” (had you been actually rowing on water) your strokes per minute, and the calories you’ve used up.

All of these give you the ultimate workout machine ideal for beginners as well as for long-time fitness buffs. You’ll be able to provide yourself some aerobic workouts while toning various muscles. Not only will you feel fit, but you’ll look fit as well.

Convenient storage options

Once you’re done using the machine, you can just as easily put it away. Even though it’s able to handle even large men, the seat retracts so that you can store it properly.

All in all, this is an extremely durable piece of machinery that can last for years of vigorous workouts. In any case, there’s also a one-year warranty on parts and labour, but you probably won’t need it anyway. Get this machine and soon enough you’ll find yourself as fit and toned as the York R700 Rowing Machine itself.