York R101 Rowing Machine

While advanced fitness gurus rave about the various benefits of a great rowing machine, beginners can benefit from it as well. You may be exercising in order to shed the unwanted excess fat, to tone your muscles, or to get a great aerobic workout, and you’ll find that a rowing machine is a welcome addition to your arsenal of gym equipment.

The York manufacturing company makes a lot of models in the rowing machine category, and they haven’t neglected the beginners when they made the York R101 Rowing Machine.


The York R101 Rowing Machine is rated for people who weigh up to 90 kilos. That makes it quite apparent that it’s not made for serious bodybuilders. It’s more for average people (including women and older people) who like a nice workout every other day or so to develop muscle tone and to lose weight.

While other “basic” appliances may shirk from offering any advanced features, that’s not the case with the York R101 Rowing Machine. While other machines may offer only 8 levels of resistance (some just make do with 5), the R101 offers up to 12 different levels of hydraulic resistance. This gives you an excellent chance of finding just the right resistance you need for your workout session.

Your workout is further aided by the console feedback and offers a lot of information regarding your rowing workout. With it, you’ll know enough so that you can then adjust the hydraulic resistance to the next setting. It displays the distance you’ve travelled, the number of strokes you’ve made so far, and the time you’ve spent on the R101. You’ll know your stroke per minute rate, and you’ll also be updated on the calories you’ve burned.

Using the R101

Setting up the R101 is quite easy, which is a good thing. It even arrives in “Certified Frustration-Free Packaging”. Assembling it doesn’t take long especially with the accompanying instructions. Even an individual would only need just a quarter of an hour or so to set it up.

Once it’s all assembled, you can then start using it right away. You can do your own workout programs by starting from level 1 and then working your way up to level 12. You can also make use of the 4 workout programs that come with your purchase. Each of these programs is tailored for a specific fitness goal. You can use one program if your aim is to lose weight and another program if what you want most is to tone and build your muscles.

The Risk-Free Rowing Machine

The R101 helps build your muscles and provides a thorough cardio workout without putting too much of a burned on your knees and joints. That’s a welcome relief for a lot of people.

 The R101 is also solidly built, which means that even a “beginner” model can be good enough for advanced fitness enthusiasts. With the York R101 Rowing Machine, it won’t be long until you get the benefits of using a rowing machine.
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