Marcy Regatta Folding Rowing Machine

Finding the motivation to start exercising can be difficult, and even when you do decide to exercise it’s not always easy to maintain that resolve. That’s why experts are always on the lookout for efficient exercise machines that can work for reluctant beginners as well as for hot to trot fitness junkies. They’re always looking for interesting new machines that actually work. Rowing machines are on the top of that list, and the Marcy Regatta Rowing Folding Machine is certainly among the most interesting options out there.

Benefits of a folding rowing machine

The Marcy Regatta Rowing Folding Machine is the quintessential rowing machine and using it offers loads of health benefits. It offers a total body workout that helps you shed excess pounds, and it also gives you good cardio. Use this regularly and you’ll also notice that your muscles will become bigger and more defined.

While it offers a very through aerobic workout, its main difference with other machines like the treadmill is that it doesn’t pound on the pressure on your knees and joints.

You can start at the easiest level at first, but after that you can progress by manually adjusting the resistance to more appropriate levels as you work. There are 8 levels of magnetic resistance for you to choose from, so that means you can probably find the resistance level that’s just right.

You can also monitor your progress by checking the computer display that comes with the machine. It tells you your total time spent working out with the Marcy Regatta, the total distance you’ve travelled and the total strokes you’ve done. It calculates your speed and it also gives you your number of strokes per minute. You will even know just how many calories you’ve burned.

Marcy Regatta Rowing Machine Setup and storage

Once you receive your shipment, you’ll have to assemble it first. Fortunately, it’s very easy to do with the help of the manual. But first you need to make sure you’re assembling it in a space large that’s enough to accommodate it. It is 78 cm tall, 56 cm wide and 183 cm long. You should add about half a metre of space around it so you can move comfortably without feeling too cramped.

Once you’re done with your workouts, if you have the space you should just let it be. It looks mightily impressive, and seeing it constantly may help remind you to do your workouts more regularly. But if you’re using your living room and you want to store it out of the way, you can do that too. It folds conveniently for easy storage, and you’ll only need enough space to accommodate its reduced 93 cm length.

It weighs 26.5 kilos, which is just enough to provide a sturdy base for your exercises while still being light enough for you to transport it from the exercise room to storage space easily. The transportation wheels also help greatly with this.

But even out of sight, its performance may stay in your mind, and you may find yourself looking forward to your next workout session. Get the Marcy Regatta Rowing Folding Machine now and your conversion from reluctant exerciser to fitness junky is well on its way.