What Is Resistance Training

When you undertake resistance training you will improve your endurance and the strength of your muscles. It comes in many forms and is not just about lifting weights. In any workout you will move parts of your body against resistance provided by bands, dumbbells, your body weight, bars with weights and through the use of certain machines.


What is Resistance Training

When you move your body against any kind of resistance you will be participating in this. Simply put, it makes it harder to perform the movement than if it wasn’t there at all.

There is no need for you to be in the gym to perform resistance training. You can be perform these exercises at home to enjoy a really beneficial workout.

There are significant benefits associated with this. Your body should get leaner, tighter and stronger whichever form of execise you choose. As you progress it is very likely that you will find daily living activities a lot easier to handle, as your muscles will be working more efficiently.

Myths about Resistance Training

You may have heard a number of myths about these exercises and we do not want these to stop you from participating in this very beneficial form of exercise. So let’s have a look at some of the most common myths.

It can add bulk

This is commonly associated with using weights, some people believe this to be true with other forms of exercise as well. A lot of women ask this question because they do not want to “bulk up”.

The truth is that most people will not bulk up if they undergo this type of training (men or women). What people should see is more definition to their muscles especially if they are participating in weights.

You will look more sculptured and everything will be tighter. There will be no fat accumulating anywhere. Of course it all depends where you are starting from. If you have a lot of fat covering your muscles then it will take longer to create muscle definition than if you only have a small amount.

It makes people heavier

While it is true that it can cause you to add some extra weight this will not be fat but muscle mass. Many have found that their overall body weight increases a little but their body size gets smaller.

When you undergo training you will find that your metabolism improves. The secret here is to reduce your fat intake while building muscle. Working your muscles will burn more calories so a good diet is essential if you want to see the best results.

You can’t participate every day

The truth here is that you should avoid working the same muscles every day. This is because your worked muscles need time to repair themselves and rebuild.

What you can do is work different body parts each day. So if you have worked your upper body muscles on a Monday go for resistance exercises that will work your lower body muscles on Tuesday.

You have to take protein powder or supplements to see results

This is certainly not true. The vast majority of people that participate in resistance training do not need any supplements or protein powders to benefit from it. You need to be careful with supplements as they can actually be harmful to you.

It is best to start on a healthy and nutritious diet at the same time as commencing training. When you do this all of the nutrients and protein that you require will come from what you are eating rather than having to resort to supplements and powders.

Some forms are better than others

This is not true either. There is not any one form of training that provides more benefits than others do. Whether you use an exercise machine, resistance bands or lift weights it doesn’t matter. In fact it is a good idea to mix it up!

You have to have a gym membership to do the best training

This is certainly not true. You can perform all of your resistance training at home. Body weight exercises are always beneficial and all that you need to perform these is gravity and your own body!

Think about a “push up” as a good example of a body weight exercise. You can also perform squats and lunges without having to visit a gym. If you want to do resistance band training then you will need to purchase some quality bands that you can find here.

Why you need to begin Resistance Training right now

We want to provide you with the motivation to begin your best training workout right now. So we thought that we would let you into the secret as to why it can be so beneficial to your health and body.

One of the most important benefits is that it will help you to burn fat. If you undergo fairly rigorous sessions for a week you will experience the “afterburn effect”.

Here your metabolism is elevated for up to three days due to the excess oxygen consumption post exercise. This means that long after your training your body will be burning fat which is better than the results that you could expect from similar intensity cardio.

Muscle development is another benefit of resistance training. You will start to look better as well as feel better. Women will tend to look more shapely and men will tend to get larger in size.

As you get older your muscle mass will decrease naturally. This will start happening in your 30’s so participating in regular training will help you to keep what you have and actually build that muscle fibre that would have been lost naturally.

Resistance training will also help to strengthen your bones. When your bones are under stress they will respond in a similar way to your muscles. Your bones will release osteoblasts and this will create new bone tissue. You do not want to suffer from osteoporosis problems later in life so get working those bones working now.

If you want to prevent injuries then it is a great way to do this. Your tendons and ligaments will become stronger which will mean that your body mechanics are more balanced. This will help to reduce the likelihood of injuries when you are participating in workouts, sports or even daily life activities.