Resistance Band Ab Workout

When you perform a resistance band ab workout you will be able to strengthen your core. This means your obliques and deeper muscles of your core. After a while, you will improve your pelvic stability through these workouts and they will also help to make your lumbar spine stable.

We recommend that you incorporate a number of different exercises into your current workouts. Improving your core strength is very important as it will increase your overall strength and help you to reduce lower back pain and increase your resilience to injury when performing other exercises, playing sports and in your day to day activities.

You need to use the highest quality equipment for your exercises and we have a fine selection for you here.

Resistance Bands Ab Workout

If you want to take your exercises to the next level then using these is the way to do it. There are numerous benefits from using them in your workouts. It is really easy for you to use these at home and take them with you wherever you go.

When you start to use them in your exercises it will help you to build muscle, increase the intensity of the exercises and create definition for your abs. You can purchase these for a great price from us and they are a lot cheaper, and more convenient, than dumbbells for example.

You can easily add variation to your exercises. This is achieved by using different strengths so that you can make the progress that you want with your upper body weight exercises. Here we will take a look at some of the different exercises that you can perform to achieve great results in a full body workout.

Resistance Band Push Up

The push up is a classic exercise which uses body weight and will use a wide range of your muscles including your core, shoulders, arms, chest and back. When you add one to your pushups you will definitely scale up your results due to the increased weight.

It is best to use them for this exercise. Choose the strength that you want to work with and then place it under your arms and around your back (putting it under your arms will decrease the likelihood of chafing).

Now you need to adopt the starting position by placing the palms of your hands at just over shoulder width onto the floor. Your palms need to be below your shoulders and fully extended. Then lower yourself so that your chest almost makes contact with the floor. Gently press back up so you get to the starting position with fully extended arms.

It is essential that you keep your head and body straight when you are performing these push ups. When you wrap it around your back it is a good idea to create an “X” so that it is less likely to slip. Start with 8 to 10 reps and then increase this number as you build more strength. You can also use a higher strength for increased weight.

Resistance Band Ab Workout for Beginners

You have a great deal of choice when it comes to these kind of workouts and over time you can incorporate a lot of these into your workouts. But when you are just starting out it is important that you choose the right ones.

So, here we have two beginner exercises we recommend that you start with. We have chosen these specific exercises because when you do them correctly you will not move your core:

Flutter Kicks in a Resistance Band Ab Workout

With flutter kicks you will target your upper and lower abs, your deep transverse abs and hips. The first step is to place it around your shins / calves. Position it so it is around 6 inches over your ankles.

You need to lie flat and then engage your core by pushing your lower back into the mat you are lying on. Place your hands by your sides. When you are first starting with this exercise you should rest your head on the mat. To increase the engagement of these muscles you can lift your shoulders and neck off the mat.

Now extend your legs in the air making sure to keep the tension in it. Lower one of your legs while raising the other towards your head. You want to gradually stretch the band apart here. Repeat using the other leg to move towards your head and lowering the other.

Bear Crawl Kick Backs with a Resistance Band

This is a great all round exercise that will target your ab muscles as well as your glutes and shoulder muscles. To start this exercise, you will need to position the band around the bottom of your feet. Get yourself into a table top position which means being on all fours with your hips over your knees and your shoulders over your wrists.

Now lift your knees off of the mat and ensure your toes are tucked under. This will put you in a bear crawl position which engages your abs. Alternate the extending of your left leg and then your right leg directly behind you using a gentle kicking action.

Resistance Band Ab Workouts

There are bands with handles or flat strips. We recommend that you have a set of both of these. Here are some of the best exercises that you can perform :

  • Resisted ab roll (lying)
  • The high low side wood chop
  • Bicycle kicks (put each foot through the handles)
  • The push-through crunch
  • The high-low front wood chop
  • The standing ab twist
  • The kneeling ab crunch

All of these ab exercises will help you to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. The more you are able to perform continuous intense repetitions of these exercises the better results you will achieve.

Resistance band ab workout with Loop Bands

By performing these exercises with these, you will build your core muscles get yourself ripped in the fastest possible time. There are many exercises for your abs you can choose from that these and here are some of those that we like the best:

  • The bicycle crunch
  • The deadlift
  • The plank position shuffle
  • The vertical scissors
  • The lying leg raise
  • The oblique crunch
  • The mountain climber

When you perform these exercises correctly you will engage all of the muscles of your core to work in unison. This will result in increased core strength and work wonders for your abs during training.

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