Lower Body Resistance Band Workout

Using resistance bands for your lower body is a very good thing to do. It will help to build your lower body muscles and improve your strength. Another advantage that you may nit have considered is that a lower body resistance band workout will help you to improve your balance and give you greater stability.

By targeting your hips and glutes with a lower body resistance band workout it will improve your core strength as well and give you greater pelvic control. All of these things will help with your overall stability with other exercises, sports and your day to day activities.

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Resistance Band Leg Press

You can get great benefits from performing the resistance band leg press. With this exercise you can strengthen your glutes as well as your legs. It will help you to build muscles in these areas which will help to counteract muscle loss as you age and reduce your chances of injury if you play sports or run for example.

The resistance band leg press will target your quad muscles. Choose a resistance band that is appropriate for the exercise and then you need to wrap it under your shoulders and around your feet. In the starting position your legs will be bent and the band will be tensioned but have enough left for you to fully extend your legs.

It is important that you keep constant tension in the band and when you loop it around your feet this will increase the resistance. You can use two bands here if you want and clip them together. Make sure that you keep any friction on your legs down to a minimum.

From the starting position, extend your legs until they are fully extended. The band or bands will be fully tensioned at this point. Gradually bend your knees and reduce the tension in the band(s) by returning to the starting position.

As a variation to this exercise, you can try move the band(s) down from your shoulders to the lower back area. This will mean that you will end up with a more vertical press movement. We recommend that you start with 8 to 10 reps and increase this number as you build up your strength. You can also use a resistance band with greater tension as you progress.

Resistance Band Leg Exercises

You can use resistance bands to work all of your lower body muscles. It is much easier for you to target all of your lower body muscles using resistance bands than it is with weights for example. There are many leg exercises you can perform with resistance bands apart from the leg press that we discussed above. Here are two very effective resistance band leg exercises:

Lateral Band Steps

Performing lateral band steps are good for your quads and for your hip abductor muscles. This is a simple exercise that can provide you with a lot of benefit. There is an easy way and a hard way to perform lateral band steps and if you have never done this exercise before then start with the easy way.

You need to put a resistance band around both of your legs while you are standing. The easy way to perform this exercise is to place the band above your knees. If you place the band around the ankles this makes the exercise a lot harder.

Now you need to adopt a quarter squat where your feet are pointing forwards and they are apart about the same width as your hips. You can start with either your left or right foot. Take a step to the side for about 12 inches and then smoothly step in with the other foot so you are back in the starting position with your feet apart around the width of your hips.

Repeat this exercise in revers using the other foot to make the first step to the side. It is essential that you maintain the tension in the band while you are performing this exercise. If you are doing it right then you will feel the effect on the outside of your thighs and hips.

The Single Leg Stand

Another great exercise with resistance bands for your glutes and quads is the single leg stand. This will also increase your stability and correct the position of your knees. You will need a chair or something to sit on to perform this exercise.

Sit on a chair or a bench so that your knees are at a 90º angle. Now place the resistance band above the knees. If your knees are not at a 90º angle then you may need a higher chair. Move your body slightly forward and then lift one of your feet off the ground about an inch. Stand up using the other leg and make sure you fully extend your leg.

Gently return to the starting point and then repeat the exercise using the other leg. You need to maintain a hip width space between both knees during this exercise. When you are standing on one leg check the position of your knee to ensure it is in line by pushing out with the band. Don’t let the band dip inwards or collapse.

Resistance Band Exercises for Thighs

Here are two great resistance band exercises for your thighs:

The Clamshell

The clamshell will work thigh muscles both inner and outer. You will achieve this by widening your thighs as much as you can while using a resistance band. Start by putting a resistance band around your thighs. The best position is just above the knees.

Now you need to lie on one side and rest your head on either your forearm or your hand. Place the other hand on your hip. Squeeze your thigh muscles and your glutes so that you move your thigh out as wide as possible against the band resistance. Gently return to the starting position and then change to the alternate side and leg.

The Fire Hydrant

 The Fire Hydrant is another great thigh muscle exercise. You need to adopt a tabletop position with your resistance band positioned just above your knees. In the right position your shoulders will be over your wrists and your hips over your knees. Now use your outer thighs to lift one of your knees to the side. Change to the other knee. Keep your core tight and don’t move your hips.

Resistance Band Exercises for Glutes

There are several resistance band exercises that you can perform for your glutes. One of the best is the glute bridge pulse. Position a resistance band on your thighs so that it is just above the knees. You will need to lie face up and bend your knees. Keep your arms by your sides and your feet flat on the floor.

From this starting position, tighten your glutes and press your hips upwards and then pulse them up and down. Do not let your backside touch the floor when you are doing the pulses. Start with 8 to 10 reps and increase as you strengthen your glutes.

Do Resistance Bands build Glutes?

Using resistance bands is a great way to build your glute muscles. If you need some high-quality resistance bands then we have an excellent range at the right price for you here.