Build Muscle With Resistance Bands

The answer to the question “ can you build muscle with resistance bands ?” is yes you can. When you use them for gaining muscle growth this will work because you will use stabilising muscle groups that will provide additional intensity to your strength training workouts. This is a good alternative to using free weights or weight machines.

To successfully build muscle with resistance band workouts we recommend that you use an approach that provides a progressive overload. This means that you will need to gradually increase the number of reps that you perform over time as well as supplement your workouts with the right nutrition.

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Resistance Band Bicep Curl

By following this bicep curl workout, you will increase the size of your bicep and also tone other arm muscles. You can easily perform this exercise at home or anywhere that you want because of the versatility offered.

The first thing that you need to do is to choose what weight which is right for your current level of fitness and strength. Place your feet in the centre at the same time as holding the ends in either hand.

You want to ensure that the palms of your hands are facing in an upward direction and that your elbows are kept firmly close to your sides. Now you need to use the handles to curl it in an upward direction as high as you can go. Then gradually release the tension as your arms slowly return to your starting position.

Start of with 8 to 10 repetitions here and then increase the number of reps as you increase your strength training. If you prefer to curl one arm at a time then you can do this. As you build up your bicep you can choose one with increased tension.

Resistance Band Push Up

Another great exercise that you can perform to build muscle with resistance bands is use one in a push up. It is really important that you use the right form when you perform push ups. Pay special attention to the spacing of your palms and keeping your spine straight.

You will need to wrap the band that you have chosen for the exercise around your back so that it is under your armpits. It needs to be tight and you need a firm grip so you can wrap it around your hands for the correct tension.

Now you need to adopt the plank position and you can start by kneeling down and then extending your legs. Once you have the right form for the push-ups, gradually lower your chest towards the floor making sure that your body remains long and your spine is straight.

This push up exercise will target your core, chest, back and arms. Start with 8 to 10 reps and increase this when you can.

Resistance Band Triceps Exercises

If you want to build your triceps then we have a couple of great exercises for you. Both of these exercises require that you are able to secure it overhead as you will be pulling down:

Overhead Triceps Extension

Secure your band overhead and then you want to hold it behind your head and then extend it as far as you can using both hands. Once you grip it with both hands you can take a step forward using one leg. If you are performing this exercise correctly you will feel the tension in your triceps.

One Arm Pushdowns

Choose a lighter one here as you will be using one arm to push down while you hold the band. After securing the it above you, grab it with one hand and then pull it down for a number of reps (say 8 to 10) and then use the other arm to perform the same amount of push downs.

Resistance Band Bicep Exercises

There are other bicep exercises that you can perform other than the bicep curl to build your muscles and we will explain a couple of them here:

The Reverse Bicep Curl

You need to stand with your legs apart at shoulder width. Place both of your feet in the centre of the band as you did with the standard bicep curl. Hold the ends in either hand.

Make sure that both your head and chest are upright and keep your stomach tight and your back straight. To start, your palms need to face backwards and your arms must be close to your sides. Pull it up until both hands are at chest level. Do not move your elbows. Gradually release the tension and return to your starting position.

The Seated Hammer Curl

Use a chair to sit in and hold the band beneath your feet. Maintain your feet flat on the floor and ensure you keep your back and arms straight. Your starting position is with your arms close to your sides.

Now you need to curl up the handles to shoulder height. It is very important that you do not move your elbows while performing this exercise. Gradually return to the starting position by releasing the tension.

Can resistance bands “bulk you up”?

They can help to “bulk you up”. Growing your muscle groups using them involves tensioning more and allowing the right amount of recovery time. You will need to use the progressive overload technique that we explained above and use muscle adaptation.

Knowing how they grow will help you to understand how the can help with strength training. During your workout, you place more tension on them than they would normally have. This actually causes slight damage to muscle fibres with tiny tears in the fibres.

When you have finished your workout, your body uses a cellular process to repair the damage. As it repairs the damage, your body will also form new protein strands and this process is called myofibrils.

Building Arm Muscle

There are a number of exercises that you can use for gaining muscle growth in your arm. Apart from the biceps and triceps exercises that we have already discussed you can perform the following resistance band exercises:

  • Pull apart
  • Staggered stance row
  • Triceps kickback
  • Static hold lateral raises
  • Triceps reaches


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