York G201 Vertical Multigym

The York G201 Vertical Multigym is a mid level multi-gym workout machine designed for beginners to intermediate and hardcore body builders to get extremely useful workout sessions with amazing results.


It is very affordable for those who are canvassing different equipment, based on price. Note that this Vertical Multigym has many full features that are only usually found on expensive models.


It has a basic structure that is easy to put together without having to be bothered by complex directions, so that you can quickly get started working out your muscles. This model features a 50kg weight stack. However, due to the unique stack booster designed by the experts at York Fitness, it can deliver a maximum resistance of up to 100kg.

York G201 Vertical Multigym Features


  • Massive 100kg vinyl weight stack and delivers up to 100kg of resistance on all stations.
  • Constructed from only the best heavy duty materials.
  • Wires pulley system.
  • Padded accordingly, providing the best comfort.
  • Extremely smooth performance without the hassle, stack increments 5kg at a time.
  • Dual functions for press and pec arm workouts, with multi position hand grips.
  • Adjustable arm curl pad with 2 different height position adjustments.
  • Seated leg developer (which also comes with a locking mechanism).
  • Allows you to perform over thirty exercises.
  • Packed flat for home assembly
  • Dimensions: 196cm x 115cm x 141cm
  • Maximum User Weight: 275lbs / 125kg / 19.7 stone


Vertical Multigym Benefits



Do a proper workout without going to the gym at the comforts of your own home.


Lots of Different Exercises

With York G201 Vertical Multigym, it’s easy to identify and train different muscles or muscle groups.


With the lat pull down/high pulley and seated row/low pulley, go from building your arm pec, to developing your chest with its seated bench press.


Easy to Assemble

Comes with an easy to follow manual to get you started fast.


Space Friendly

Designed specifically to build your body without occupying too much room in your living space.



Separate pec and arms allows you to do every exercise easily - no need for fiddly mechanism changes.


Arm curl pad (removable) with height adjustment (2 positions) and seated leg developer with locking mechanism


Safety and Comfort

Well padded upholstery and solid heavy duty construction,. The single 100kg stack 1:1 ratio of safety resistance weights on all workout stations combined with sealed bearings in all the pulleys provides an extremely smooth motion with no pulling or sticking.



Excellent piece of multi-gym equipment, with an excellent affordable price, makes you certain that you get your money’s worth.


So, why put yourself in danger by working out with free weights? Why spend tons of money going to the gym?


This Multigym is all you’ll ever need with its enormous 100kg weight stack that can take you through the toughest workouts and acquire that gorgeous body you’ve always wanted. Lock on with the York G201 Vertical Multigym and achieve amazing results, comfortably, in your home.