Marcy Home Gym Smith Machine

When what you want is full control of your exercise routines and training options, you would do well to get a machine that’s ideal for home use, yet powerful enough to deliver all the benefits of an industrial-type bodybuilding equipment. That is exactly what you get with the Marcy MWB1282 Home Gym Smith Machine & Weight Bench.


With the Marcy MWB1282, you have the freedom to focus on special muscle groups, if that is what you want, or to engage in a full “insanity workout” that pushes your endurance and strength to their utmost capacities.


The Marcy Home Gym Smith Machine Includes


When you first open your Marcy MWB1282 package, you will find the following necessary attachments included with the main frame:


  • Lat bar
  • Straight bar
  • Ankle strap
  • Single D-Handles


It might not look like much, but seeing is believing, and using the equipment more so – you’ll find that these parts are all you need to launch your routine that will enable you to get the physique you want, in due time.


Home Gym Smith Machine Exercises


Raise your bodybuilding enjoyment to the hilt through the following exercises. Concentrate on one area or give your muscles a full workout, it’s your choice! Just remember to make sure about your health condition before embarking on any strenuous fitness exercise or bodybuilding, because we guarantee that you will have a hard time ignoring these challenging exercises.


  • For your abs – Weighted Leg Raises, Woodchoppers, and Cable Crunches


  • For your legs – Deadlifts, Lunges and Squats, Leg Extensions and Leg Curls
  • For your chest – Single Cable Crossovers, DB Flyes, Flat, Incline, and Decline Press


  • For your shoulders – Lateral Raises, Front Raises, Upright Rows, Shrugs, and Shoulder Press


  • For your triceps – Kickbacks,  Pushdown, and Press
  • For your biceps – Concentration Curls, Cable Curls, and  High Cable Curls
  • For your back – Bent Over or Seated Rows, Wide or Close Lat Pulldown, Single Arm Rows

Let Your Imagination Soar


The Marcy MWB1282 Home Gym Smith Machine & Weight Bench does not limit your creativity when it comes to thinking of what would be the most suitable exercise for yourself. The machine allows you to personalise your workout routine as comfortably or as hard pressed as you want.


Get some dumbbells and add some variations to your inclined, upright, flat, or decline bench workouts. Challenge yourself and your muscles by alternating among all positions and varying the weights of your dumbbells. Take a look at the high and low cable pulley stations. They can be very useful for muscle defining moves, which you can make after lifting heavy weights on the smith press.


Safety and Convenience of Home Gym Smith Machine


Why go through the bother of expensive memberships and sometimes having to wait for your turn at the equipment in gyms or fitness clubs, when you can get a home gym? When you get your own Marcy MWB1282 Home Gym Smith Machine & Weight Bench, you will be not only in full control of your weight training or bodybuilding routines, you’ll also have the power to exercise with as many weights as you want, without the need for having a spotter along with you because your machine was built with your safety in mind.