Hula Hoop Exercise

Hula Hoop Exercise in your fitness routines is a lot of fun. A lot of conventional exercises such as abs and crunches get boring very quickly. But hula hooping is always fun and it is a great way to burn calories and provide you with a good cardiovascular workout as well to increase your heart rate.

Misconceptions of hula hoop exercise

A lot of people wrongly dismiss the benefits of exercising with a hula hoop workout. Regular use in your workouts will help you with weight loss and really tone your full body. Not a lot of people realise that hula hoop exercise provides you with a total body workout and can be a fun way of losing weight.

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hula hoop exercise

Using your Weighted Hula Hoop correctly

Maybe you have not used one since you were a kid. That’s fine because it is not difficult at all. The best way to start is by swinging it clockwise around your waist and keep the movement going as long as you can. Then you can swing it in an anti-clockwise direction and practice keeping this moving for as long as possible.

The key to keeping your it spinning is to move your hips using a forward and backwards movement rather than trying to circle with your hips. It is best to keep your hands in front while it is spinning as this will help to prevent your upper body from swinging around more than it should.

Gradually build up your exercises

There are a lot of benefits of hula hooping as part of a fitness routine but we recommend that you start slowly and gradually build up your activities. This is especially important if you have not used one for a long time or even never used one before as it will increase your heart rate.

Go for a 5 minute session and then take a break and perform another 5 minute session. You can leave a few hours between these fitness routines such as morning to evening for example. The most important thing is consistency.

Exercise benefits include the engaging of several core muscles such as the hips, obliques and lower back. It will provide you with a great mid-section workout. It can be tough to get the right motion going to state with, but with a bit of practice and perseverance you will soon get the hang of it.

When you build up the length of your sessions, adults can on average burn 165 calories for women and 200 calories for men in 30 minutes for hula hooping.

More hula hoop exercises

Use it to trim your Waist

It is amazing how many calories and how much fat you can burn by performing this kind of fitness routine. You do not need to perform them for too long each day to reap the benefits. For a ten to fifteen minute workout each day you should see some great results in a short time.

If you are willing to do more then you will get faster results. You can burn a lot of calories with a 30-minutes hula hooping routine. For men, this averages around 200 calories and for women 165 calories. Burning more calories and aiding weight loss will help you to burn even more calories than this and strengthen core muscles.

Different types of Weighted Hula Hoop exercises

You may not be aware of this, but there are a few different exercises that you can perform that will produce different results for you. We will take a look at a couple of these different aerobic exercises here.

Hula for your Arms

You can give your arms a workout with hula hoop workouts. To start this exercise, you will need to extend one of your arms out to your side and then position your hoop on your forearm. Start the hoop moving by spinning your arm and then change direction after a while. Repeat this using your other arm.

Crunches to help with core strength

There are crunches using your legs and your arms. For the leg crunch you need to lie down and extend your legs in the air. Now locate the it between your ankles or your feet and hold it in place. Place your hands behind your head and perform crunches in the normal way.

For the arm crunches you need to again lie down and bend your knees keeping your feet flat on the ground. Hold the hoop in your hands fully extending your arms and keeping them straight. Now lift your upper back off the ground so that you crunch upwards.

Weighted Hula Hoop Exercise for Beginners

To get the best results we recommend that you use a weighted hoop. It will take more effort to keep this spinning around your waist and you will burn more calories and enjoy an improved cardiovascular workout. The increased effort required will also help you to burn fat faster as well.

It is best to begin your workout with your feet at least hip width apart. Hold on to the hoop behind your lower back. Keep your palms open and your fingers flexed and active. Place your middle finger along the mid-line.

Now you need to wind it up and then give it a strong, flat push and begin to connect with the movement. As it hits your body, push against it using a backwards and forwards motion. You can also use a side to side motion to keep it spinning.

If you are brand new to hula hooping it can help to make a couple of turns with your body as you push off to keep it spinning. One technique that can work well for beginners is to close your eyes and then count the number of times that your hoop hits the valley. Overthinking too much can hinder your technique. Tune into the total body and not the mind.

For the forwards and backwards motion, you want to form a connection between your navel and the middle of your back. Make sure that your feet are not moving backwards and forwards here. Keep them firmly planted on the ground. You will feel a shifting of your weight in your feet but this is fine.

If you want to try the side to side movement then this is all about your hips. There is another technique that you can use which is a diagonal movement. Here you need to move one foot forward and then use your hips to push towards your extended front foot.

After practicing for a while, you will find that the forwards and backwards, side to side and diagonal techniques will come together as a circular push. At this stage you will feel tit circling around all of your waist.

It is going to take a bit of time to move from a total beginner to become competent at it. This could be a four-week period for example. When you fail it is essential that you start again immediately.

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