York Active 110 Exercise Cycle

For just about any kind of machinery available to the public, there are always some versions that are filled with all the bells and whistles. They’re packed full of features that often prove superfluous in the end. At the other end of the spectrum are the basic versions that simply do what they’re supposed to do, and any extra features these machines may have are all highly necessary. In the category of exercise bikes, the York Active 110 Exercise Cycle is one of those bikes that have all the features you need.

Comfort features

The York Active 110 Exercise Cycle is rated for people who weigh up to 120 kilos. Beginners will be relieved to note that York did not skimp on the comfort features. The seat is bigger than usual and there’s extra padding for greater comfort. The height of the seat is adjustable.

You can also adjust the fore section so that you can assume the most comfortable position for you. There’s a handy bottle holder for times when you have to hydrate yourself, and it has wheels at the bottom so you can transport the York Active 110 Exercise Cycle from one room to another.

Performing bike exercises

The York Active 110 Exercise Cycle comes with a 1-piece crank system and a 4-kilo flywheel, along with 8 levels of increasing magnetic resistance. That means that you can progress seamlessly from one strength level to the next, and you can find the level most appropriate for your needs. With exercise bikes, it’s either you lengthen your exercise time from one session to the next for endurance, or you increase the resistance so you can increase your strength.

You don’t have to muddle your way through by simply doing some random program until you feel tired. The York Active 110 Exercise Cycle comes with a manual containing exercise recommendations. It also comes with specific targeted program for you to perform depending on your particular exercise goals.

With all these features and with the comfort level you can achieve, there’s no doubt that you can perform the exercises properly without overstraining yourself.

Tracking your performance

The York Active 110 Exercise Cycle comes with a fitness test function which scores your current heart rate, etc. That score eventually improves and climbs up when you use the exercise bike diligently.

There’s a hand pulse monitor, and the computer displays your total time, current speed, distance travelled, calories used up, the RPM, and your pulse as well. The information tells you when you can increase the level of resistance, or when you’ve had enough for the day. The 5.75-ich LCD display is quite sufficient in showing you the info you need.

There’s a 3-year warranty on parts and even a 1-year warranty on labour, but this classic design is robust enough that the warranties seem like a mere formality.

You may not need the warranty, but you need to get the York Active 110 Exercise Cycle so that you can pedal your way to a healthier body.
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