Ultrasport Exercise Bike F-Bike

Ultrasport is well-recognised brand in the sports and outdoors category, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that they’ve made a product that’s well-suited for busy city dwellers. Not everyone these days has the time to actually ride their bikes around the city (especially in heavy traffic and during inclement weather), and sometimes even going to the gym is too much of a hassle. But with the Ultrasport Exercise Bike F-Bike, urbanites have one of the best options for being fit, and all in the comfort of their own home. 

Once you receive your Ultrasport shipment, you will want to first read the manual. You may want to keep your manual safe, as it contains vital information as to how you can use the F-Bike effectively. The manual details how you should set up the equipment, and it also has convenient graphics to help make sure you’re doing it correctly.

The manual also has safety guidelines along with tips on how to warm up and cool down before and after your workout session with the exercise bike. Finally, the manual tells you how to train properly, and how to make use of all the information provided to you so that you can maximise the benefits you get from the Ultrasport Exercise Bike F-Bike.

Performance features

The Ultrasport Exercise Bike F-Bike is a great machine to boost your cardiovascular system, and it’s also very easy to set up (especially with the manual). Before using the bike, adjust the seat to make sure you are in the best possible position when you begin your workout.

You’ll then have 8 resistance levels to work through. You can start with the first level, and then you can level up once your ever-improving body gets used to the resistance and you then have to increase the challenge. With 8 levels to choose from, you can start with a level that’s appropriate for you and the changes in the resistance won’t be too jarringly uncomfortable.

The Ultrasport Exercise Bike F-Bike is also equipped with a monitor and LCD display that tracks and shows various bits of data. These include your current speed, the distance you’ve travelled, the calories you’ve burned, and your pulse rate. The manual provides useful details on how to use the information here to guide you in choosing the right intensity level, and also tells you the pulse rate you should aim on maintaining.

Convenience features

An indoor bike is inherently convenient, since you can use it any time you feel like it. You don’t have to worry about night-time visibility or about the rain or snow or the burning heat of the sun in the middle of the day. You don’t have to worry about road traffic, or to be on the lookout for errant pedestrians. You can just concentrate on pedalling and being fit.

Storage is also not a problem. Even when unfolded the dimensions are acceptable. But you can also fold it so that you can just place it in a corner of the room.

So if you live in the city, there’s no excuse for you not to exercise regularly. Get an Ultrasport Exercise Bike F-Bike, and you can be as fit as any proper country gentleman.
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